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Japan will take part in the INNOPROM-2017 opening ceremony

17 May 2017

Moscow, May 16, 2017.INNOPROM-2017 will open on the 9th of July as a part of the Big Industrial Week. Around two thousand spectators will gather in the Cosmos Concert Hall to see the unique technological show that will blend together art and the latest industrial technologies. 

It was announced that the Russian side prepared a part of the Ceremony that is based on the idea of the "smart" production, which follows the industrial product from its concept to the launch. A separate culmination part of the event is dedicated to the traditional art of Japan - INNOPROM-2017 Partner Country. On the Cosmos Hall scene guests will see the choreography combined with the sounds of the Japanese traditional musical instruments - Taiko drums, bamboo flute shakuhachi and three-stringed shamisen. The Japanese part of the show is organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese company Hakuhodo.

The heads of the Japanese and Russian delegations and the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region will greet guests and participants of the exhibition during the official part of the Opening Ceremony. 

During the Exhibition Japan will present an extensive cultural program which includes the Opening Ceremony of the national exposition of the Partner Country, a Japanese traditional music concert and a formal reception. 

Additional information:
INNOPROM is an international industrial exhibition which is annually held in Ekaterinburg, Russia from 2010 as a part of the Big Industrial Week. The main theme of INNOPROM-2017 will be "smart manufacturing". Japan is a Partner Company. It is estimated that more that 100 leading Japanese companies and more than 500 delegates will take part in the Exhibition. More than half of participants are foreign companies. Germany, Italy, Korea and India will also prepare national stands. Main theme tracks of the week will be “Industrial automatization”, “Robotics”, “Metalworking”, International Industrial Export Forum (IndEx Forum), “Digital production”, components manufactures’ Forum, forum-exhibition “Diversification of MIC”, Global Industrial Design Forum, forum-exhibition of professional education PROFI and others.

Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia is the organizer of INNOPROM. The operator is Formika Group.

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