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National Industrial Award INDUSTRIA

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Applications for National Industrial Award INDUSTRIA 2019 will be opened at November, 1st, 20118
INDUSTRIA focuses on facilitating development and promotion of advanced technologies in industrial production. The Award Board includes Russian and foreign industrial innovation experts and representatives of business mass media and development institutions. The Board is chaired by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov. In the summer of 2015, INDUSTRIA acquired the status of the Government Award.

Founder of the Award: The Government of Russian Federation

Award Goals:

  • Identification of growth points in new sectors of the Russian industry
  • Public recognition and promotion of successful innovative company practices
  • Dissemination of advanced technologies in industrial production

Official participation requirements:

  • Companies must be residents of the Russian Federation, the developers of breakthrough technologies and products for the production
  • Projects must be implemented in the Russian Federation

2018 nominee selection criteria:

  • Technological novelty – evaluation of technology efficiency and its benefits against existing solutions
  • Economic effect –demand analysis, commercialization forecast, market share dynamics, and economic benefits for end consumers
  • Cross-industry potential – evaluation of systemic effect on the development of various industries, potential for application in other sectors/industries, performance enhancement, better competitiveness, and higher growth rates
  • Global market focus – export assessment against total company output; foreign activity indicators

Winner selection process consists of three stages:

  • Preliminary stage: applications are checked for compliance with official requirements.
  • Experts assess applications and select five award nominees. List of nominees will be published on the official event website by June 20, 2018.
  • Winner selection. The winner will be announced at the International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM (July 9-12, 2018, Ekaterinburg).

The winner 2018

The National Industrial Award INDUSTRIA was conferred after the Main Strategic Session People, Machines, Soft: Efficiency of Interaction.

The following 5 finalists whose applications met the main assessment criteria of technological novelty, economic effect, interdisciplinary application, and export potential competed for the Award: Innotekhmet, Monocrystal, ROTEC, Hevel Group, and UMATEX Group. A total of 90 companies from 20 Russian regions submitted their applications. Only 62 applicants complied with official selection criteria and were considered for the Award.

The Award was assigned the Government award status in 2015, so it was conferred by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, who stated,
"Nowadays we need high-tech breakthrough initiatives that would hold promise for the future, and the Russian business has quite a few of them. Today it is my great pleasure to award heads of successful Russian companies with the National INDUSTRIA Award for major achievements in industrial innovations and ideas that are changing the world as we know it."

Monocrystal, the largest manufacturer of synthetic sapphires for the LED industry and consumer electronics, was announced the winner of INDUSTRIA-2018.

Award organizers pointed out that Monocrystal's products could be "found in every second light emitting diode, every third smartphone, and every second Swiss luxury watch."

In 2017, Monocrystal claimed 49% share of the global LED sapphire market. The company was the first in the world to grow sapphire crystals weighing 300 and 350 kg, which allows for high structural perfection. Currently, the Russian company's products are highly sought after in industrial markets. Monocrystal exports synthetic sapphires to 25 countries.

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