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Chemical Industry Digitalization: Current and Future Projects

Event partner: Chimvest Scientific and Technical Centre of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
Theme track
Chemical Industry
10 July
10:00 - 13:15
Pavilion 4, HALL 4

Discussion questions:
- Assessing the progress of digitalization in the chemical industry;
- Implementing innovative solutions at production sites: customer and supplier experiences;
- State support measures promoting digital transformation of the industry.

Moderator: Igor Lyashkov, Deputy Director, STC "Chimvest".

— Alexander Orlov, Director of the Chemical and Bioengineering Technologies Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia;
— Vladimir Dozhdyov, Head of Digital Technologies Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation;
— Alexander Majouga, Rector, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia; 
— Vladimir Savchuk, Director, STC "Chimvest";
— Kirill Alifanov, IT Director, Uralkali; 
— Valery Cherepanov, Head of Industry 4.0, SIBUR IT; 
— Valery Fokin, IT Director, UCC URALCHEM; 
— Alexey Petukhov, Head of KICS Direction, Kaspersky Lab;
— Sergey Didenko, Director of Digitalization, PhosAgro;
— Andrey Krylov, Executive Director, Digital Transformation Factory;
— Alexey Mezentsev, Director of Digital Production, ITPS;
— Natalya Chernysheva, Acceleration Director of the Cluster of Advanced Industrial Technologies, Skolkovo Foundation;
— Andrey Kostin, Operations Director DataData; Head, Information and Analytical Center RUPEC;
— Nikita Kardashin, Data Analysis and Machine Learning Solutions Development Manager, Naumen;
— Alexey Nesterov, Director of ERP-solutions, 1C;
— Ernest Syuch, Director for Business Development, InduSoft;
— Ilya Smirnov, Product Manager, Industrial Automation, Phoenix Contact RUS;
— Evgeny Sinyakov, Head of Responsible Care, Russian Chemists Union.

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