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Improving Production Process Efficiency: German Experience

Theme track
Russia-Germany Industrial Forum
8 July
10:00 - 11:30
Pavilion 4, HALL 6

Outdated equipment and management's dated thinking exert a negative influence on the efficiency of industrial operations. In order to increase product quality and improve controllability, enterprises require a digital transformation of production processes. Digitalization stipulates not just the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles and equipment upgrades, but also a change in the employee mentality. Only the combination of these factors can ensure the creation of a smart factory.

Discussion questions:
- German experience in creating smart factories;
- Improving production process efficiency in Germany and in Russia;
- Successful digitalization products and technologies;
- Employee education and training.

Moderator: Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the Management Board, Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

— Igor Sergeev, Key Account Director, Siemens;
— Maxim Shakhov, CEO Russia, Schaeffler Group;
— Sergey Vologodskiy, Deputy Director, Industrial Development Fund;
— Alexander Kovalenko, Department Manager for Ekaterinburg, PSI Metals.

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