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Transport Engineering in Search of Compromise. Modernization. Localization. Specialization

Event partner: Association of European Businesses
Theme track
Special Events
11 July
16:00 - 17:30
Pavilion 4, HALL 6
Transport machine building in Russia is characterized by significant reserves of unloaded production capacities, which can be employed with no considerable investments when demand increases. Low utilization factor of production capacities has a negative effect on production costs while further development of production capacities imposes additional pressure on marginality and recoupment of projects. For the stable functioning of the industry, state support is regularly required, both to ensure the loading of production capacities and the component base. Specialization is determined by the need to reduce life-cycle costs. This is relevant for both public and commercial transports. At the same time, specialization leads to a reduction in a number of released products. Limited production volume, in its turn, may restrict possibilities for localization and increase the price. Given the Russian geography and distances, is it possible and necessary to introduce European best practices? How transition to advanced technologies can be implemented in the context of such market conditions as price limits, conditions and mileage of roads? DISCUSSION TOPICS: Analysis of the transition of the Russian transport to the energy saving technologies; New, environmentally friendly technologies in the transport infrastructure of Russia; Technologies ensuring transport security; Innovative trends: digitalization, electromobility, connectivity.
  • Frank Schauff, CEO, Association of European Businesses;
  • Sergey Sidorskiy, Member of the Board (Minister) in Charge of Industry and Agroindustrial Complex, Eurasian Economic Commission;
  • Philippe Pegorier, President, Alstom Transport;
  • Eiichi Makino, Automotive Parts Localization Director, AVTOVAZ-Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization;
  • Johan Vanderplaetse, Senior Vice-President of Schneider Electric;
  • Sergey Yavorsky, Director General of Volvo Group Russia
  • Valentin Gapanovich, President, Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers;
  • Thierry Lassus, Head of ABB Railway Infrastructure and E-Bus Initiative, ABB Switzerland;
  • Michael Akim, Chairman of the Work Group on Modernization and Innovations of the Association of European Businesses; Vice-President of АВВ Russia (moderator).

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