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Flexible Automated Production Workcells for Boosting Russian Industrial Efficiency

Event partner: Russian Association of Robotics
Theme track
Industrial automation & robotics
11 July
14:00 - 15:30
Pavilion 4, HALL 6
Industrial robotics is instrumental in production process optimization, cost reduction, quality improvement, and defect elimination. Industrial robotics helps enterprises increase their competitiveness, improve working conditions and the safety of operations, and create highly qualified jobs.  DISCUSSION TOPICS: What is the status of industrial robotics in Russia? What companies are engaged in the development and installation of robotics solutions? What tasks do robots perform? What are some of the problems that enterprises and companies which install robots have to face?
  • Dmitry Kapishnikov, General Director, Kuka Systems Rus;
  • Aleksandr Yashkin, Sales Manager, FANUC;
  • Vadim Ippolitov, Sales Director, Belfingroup;
  • Dmitry Kaynov, Head of Robotics Department, ABB Russia;
  • Mikhail Prokopiev, Robotics Director LLC Weber Comechanics;
  • Anatoly Perepelitsa, Director for Development, Alpha-Intech;
  • Vladimir Raspopov, Deputy Director of the Industry Development Fund;
  • Ravil Khisamutdinov, Chief Technologiest, KAMAZ;
  • Dmitriy Kolyasov, Head of direction IDF;
  • Andrey Gulakov, General manager, Mitsubishi Electric Rus;
  • Dmitriy Nikitin, Deputy Director of Department Minpromtorg Russia;
  • Vasily Efremov, Advisor to the General Director on Civil PRoducts, Scientific and Research Institute of Measurement Instrumentation – Novosibirsk Plant named after the Komintern;
  • Vitaly Nedelskiy, President of the Russian Association of Robotics (moderator).

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