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Laser field on WorldSkills. Regional and national championships.

Event partner: Laser Center
Theme track
Project “PROFI. Education industry solutions”
13 July
12:00 - 13:30
Pavilion 4, HALL 7
School students mastering laser skills is the basis for training of genius engineers for the future. Laser technology is one of the most comprehensible, children can use it starting from virtually any age. The perticipants of the discussion will report about the introduction and usage of lasers in education and the demand for lasers in education in general. The participants include the leaders of WorldSkills, KUKA, Trotec and other companies. The topics will include Laser fields of WorldSkills, regional and national championships from the point of view of the companies, which take part in their preparation. DISCUSSION TOPICS: Trends in modern education; Newest technological solutions for education of children and their parents; The experience of Worldskills Championships in Laser field.
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