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Physical internet and its solutions for industrial logistics leaders

Event partner: Delovye Linii
Theme track
International Logistics Forum
11 July
14:00 - 15:30
Pavilion 4, HALL 3
Physical internet is an innovative logistics concept that allows for efficient and quick delivery. The distribution network is based on internet principles, but instead of transferring information, it delivers material objects. Canada, the U.S., and France are actively developing physical internet. Russia is still new to the concept, and while the industrial sector is working on implementing it, logistics is only making its first steps in this direction.  
  • Benoit Montreuil, Professor, Material Handling & Distribution, Georgia Tech, founder of CIRRELT Interuniversity Research Center on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation;
  • Vladimir Didenko, Business Development Manager, NC Pharm Logistic;
  • David Shamaev, Head of Marketing and Sales Management, Delovye Linii;
  • Pavel Khilov, Executive Director, Ural Research and Development Technological Institute;
  • Emzar Gimaev, President, Ural Logistics Association (moderator).

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