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Digitization in Industrial Sectors: Revealing the Potential of the Future

Event partner: German Russian Initiative for digitization of economy
Theme track
German-Russian Initiative for Digitalization
9 July
13:00 - 14:30
Pavilion 4, HALL 3

The growth of competition in industry raised the requirements for each manufacturing company to a new quality level. Only those companies that can simultaneously provide high speed of output to the market, deep customization of production with invariably strict requirements to quality and high efficiency will be able to hold and lead the market. The answer to this challenge is industrial digitization, or the concept of "Industry 4.0", which provides a huge potential for new opportunities for business development in real sectors of the economy. What yesterday seemed only an idea, today has become a conscious necessity. How to approach the digital transformation challenge? What problems need to be addressed? How much time do Russian companies have and whom should they take as partners? We will talk about these and other problems and ways of their solution with the German companies-members of the Russian-German Digitization Initiative (GRID), representatives of the Russian industry, regulators and other important stakeholders.

Moderator: Sergey Mytenkov, Vice-President and Managing Director on Information and Communication Technologies, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


  • Dietrich Möller, President and CEO of Siemens Russia;
  • Natalia Parmenova, Director General, SAP CIS;
  • Igor Bogachev, CEO, Zyfra;
  • Alexey Belyakov - VP, Head of Space & Telecom Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation;
  • Aziz Bedirov, General Director, RT-Inform.

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