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Digitalization of Cities: Prospects and Solutions

Theme track
Metropolitan Solutions
Track partner: Cisco Solutions
11 July
12:00 - 13:30
Pavilion 4, HALL 5

The Smart City project, part of the Digital Economy program, seeks to improve national living standards, boost resource efficiency, and ensure economic growth through the implementation of new technologies and services. Such new technologies not only change the face of the city and affect the lifestyle of its inhabitants, but also create opportunities for the development of new high-tech business.

Once installed throughout a city, sensors, controllers, video surveillance systems, and other IoT devices allow for easier administration of urban infrastructure, optimization of available resources, and better functionality of various municipal services. Integrated smart metropolitan solutions provide city administration with precise and accurate information almost in the real-time mode which allows for the assessment of the quality of services and infrastructure and the development of comprehensive approach to the resolution of municipal issues. That is why the integration of solutions, applications and devices within a city's smart architecture constitute an important objective for municipal authorities.

Discussion topics:
- Solutions for municipal infrastructure and services control (waste management, lighting, traffic, parking, environmental situation, etc.);
- Scaling methods: going from the resolution of local issues to the municipal and regional levels;
- What technologies will allow for adopting best international practices in Smart City creation in the Russian context;
- What additional business opportunities are associated with Smart City implementation;
- What cities benefit from the development and implementation of integrated Smart City platforms;
- Cooperation between city administration and technology corporations during the transition to smarter city platforms.

Moderator: Ilya Kopelevich, Chief Editor of Business FM


  • Ali Brundukov, Deputy General Director for work with strategic customers of Cisco;
  • Alexander Minov, General Director, National Research Institute of Technology and Communications;
  • Sergey Ivanchenko, First Deputy General Director of ODAS "Skolkovo";
  • Dmitry Razumovsky, Mayor of Kaluga;
  • Anatoly Dubanov, Head of the Department of Informatization and Development of Telecommunication Technologies of the Novosibirsk Region;
  • Natalia Borschuk, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region under the Government of the Russian Federation.

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