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Delta Technology To Present a New Engineering Solution at INNOPROM-2018

13 June 2018
Delta Technology To Present a New Engineering Solution at INNOPROM-2018

Delta Technology Ltd will participate in INNOPROM-2018 International Industrial Trade Fair.  The company has been working in the tool making, mechanical processing, and plastic molding market since 1996. The enterprise is located in Shadrinsk, Kurgan Region.

At INNOPROM-2018, Delta Technology will present its latest innovative product – a full-cycle gathering press mold. Exhibition visitors will have an opportunity to see a life-size mass produced sample.

The gathering press mold constitutes a new engineering solution in the design and production of press molds designated for molding plastic, non-ferrous alloys, and other materials which can be pressed using manual and automated equipment. The innovative solution is based on the use of a stationary base unit featuring a block-pack with shaping insets (a plate with formlining surface). The block-pack is a set of standardized universal main parts and press mold components.

Key advantages of the novel solution include:

  • lower number of stationary press molds required to produce plastic casting;
  • opportunity to use changeable block-packs which allows for the production of a wider range of products and reduction in casting mold production costs;
  • reduced equipment reset time when switching to a different type of casting;
  • reduced press mold design time due to the use of standard solutions and less engineering paperwork;
  • reduced press mold production time due to the use of stock reserve and fewer special operations;
  • use of local raw materials in production increases price competitiveness. Delta Technology prices can be 3-4 times lower than average prices on similar products.

The company will present its equipment at the Delta Technology stand (Pavilion 3, stand No. 17).


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