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Export for Africa: Why Russia Organizes ARABIA-2019 in Cairo

26 September 2018
Export for Africa: Why Russia Organizes ARABIA-2019 in Cairo

Exhibitors in Egypt

In October 2019, Russia will implement a project which will boost its national image and facilitate the signing of export contracts for domestic companies. For the first time in its history, Russia will serve as organizer and partner of a foreign global exhibition – ARABIA-2019 Big Industrial Week Global Industrial and Technical Exhibition and Forum, which will be held in Egypt. The event will be prepared by Formika Group and its affiliate Business Event, which have proven their efficiency as INNOPROM organizers.


"We have been working on the development of INNOPROM for nine years, and currently it enjoys the reputation of the main trading site for the promotion of Russian technologies. We have succeeded at attracting delegates from almost 90 countries, but the time has come to reach out and introduce Russian technologies at other sites. Egypt is the first country to host the new foreign INNOPROM. We are prepared for ARABIA to bring together all manufacturers working in machine building, transport engineering, power machine building, and engineering technologies,"

Anton Atrashkin, Director of INNOPROM Business Program, stated.


ARABIA-2019 will be held in Cairo on October 10-13, 2019 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. The exhibition will span over 10,000 sq.m. More than 100 Russian, European (for example, German and French), Asian (Japanese), and U.S. companies will present their technologies and products. They will engage in negotiations and establish new contacts with potential buyers, i.e. CEOs and owners of industrial companies from North and Central Africa and the Middle East, including Egypt, Guinea, Israel, Iran, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Tunisia, etc.

Memorandum for Organizers

At INNOPROM, President of Formika Group Maxim Zverkov (right) and General Manager of Egypt International Exhibition Center Mohammed Elamin Adel Abdelghaffar Ramadan (left) formalized their plans for further cooperation / Photo courtesy of innoprom2018.tass.photo

ARABIA-2019 was officially launched at INNOPROM-2018. On July 10, President of Formika Group Maxim Zverkov and General Manager of Egypt International Exhibition Center Mohammed Elamin Adel Abdelghaffar Ramadan signed the Memorandum on the development of bilateral cooperation at the stand of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia in the presence of Minister Denis Manturov.

ARABIA exhibition and business program are expected to cover the following themes: engineering, components for manufacturing companies, power engineering technologies, transport engineering, production automation, equipment and machinery, and digital manufacturing.

Close Cooperation

Russia's involvement in the organization of the Cairo exhibition is a logical step because Russia and Egypt have well-established economic relations.


"We have never encountered a lack of communication and understanding. In the most challenging situations and new ventures, Russia has always stood by Egypt and felt its reciprocal support. As far as industrial projects go, by 1972 our country built 197 facilities in Egypt. We have all heard about such successful projects as the Aswan High Dam, aluminum plant in Nag Hammadi, Alexandria shipyard, Helwan metallurgical plant, etc. China is the only country where we have built more, and apart from China and Egypt, there are no examples of such large-scale cooperation. Currently, we have a real opportunity for reviving former cooperation dynamics,"

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, stated.


Currently, Egypt is seeing the implementation of a wide range of Russian projects, such as the creation of the Russian industrial zone, construction of the first Egyptian nuclear power station under Rosatom contract, reconstruction of Helwan metallurgical plant, supply of 1300 passenger cars and civil aircraft, etc.

Russia's cooperation with Egypt serves as a vivid example of how Russian non-primary export can find new buyers and strengthen its positions. According to the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of the Russian Federation, in 2014 Russian manufacturers of oil products received the highest revenue from export contracts – $1.15bn. In 2017, Russian manufacturers of machinery and equipment claimed the top spot in Russian exports: their sales in Egypt increased by 86% from $912.4mln in 2014 to $1.71bn in 2017.

Russian wheat exporters consistently claim the second place by contract value: their supplies were worth $1.03bn in 2014 and $1.24bn in 2017.

The results of Russia and Egypt's joint efforts in the first half of 2018 also give reasons to be optimistic. According to the FCS, in January-June mutual trade turnover amounted to $3.2bn, which is a 37.3% increase YOY. Export of Russian goods is estimated at $2.81bn (compared against $1.98bn YOY).


"We will try to increase trade turnover and encourage Russian and Egyptian companies to work together, which will provide us with the opportunity to access other markets. Egypt also hopes to expand cooperation in science and technology,"

Tarek Kabil, Minister of Trade and Industry of Egypt, said.


Participation in ARABIA Global Exhibition in Cairo will allow for the expansion of business cooperation and let Russian companies find new buyers in Egypt and neighboring countries. The capital of Egypt is a gateway to North and Central Africa and the Middle East. Through their participation in the exhibition, Russian mechanical engineering companies will access these territories.

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