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Smart Megawatts: Artificial Intelligence in the Russian Power Industry

30 May 2018
Smart Megawatts: Artificial Intelligence in the Russian Power Industry

Accounting for Anomalies

International corporations are gradually updating their energy projects by implementing artificial intelligence solutions. US organization Indigo Advisory Group LLC points out that AI will unlock its potential with the creation of a new generation of grids because smart technologies can increase operational performance and analyze unstructured data which account for up to 80% of company information.

For example, General Motors boosted its wind turbine efficiency by 5% through AI application, whereas servicing costs decreased by 20%. By implementing solutions produced by its affiliate DeepMind, Google cut total energy consumption at its total data facility by 15%, and in the near future company savings may amount to several million dollars.

In the power industry, artificial intelligence is used to assess and predict the technical condition of equipment. For example, it can identify anomalies in production processes that go unnoticed by facility staff. AI allows for predicting parameters which are difficult to calculate in real time, i.e. unit health index, performance index, etc. The system also issues recommendations on repairs and generates lists of defects.

Analytical Startup

Participants of upcoming INNOPROM-2018 who specialize in industrial AI application are launching their projects at Russian energy holdings. Zyfra company (part of Renova Group) intends to create a Digital Energy lab, i.e. a unified platform which cannot be affected by sanctions and which will rely on digital manufacturing and artificial intelligence technologies.

Zyfra plans to implement the project in close cooperation with its clients in order to resolve industry-specific objectives in the power sector, e.g. optimize current operations at energy facilities.


“The evolution of the power industry necessitates the application of digital technologies and AI, a new level of infrastructure, including the installation of metering devices and automated control, and the implementation of predictive analysis and recommender systems reliant on machine learning,”

Mikhail Aronson, Zyfra CCO, emphasized.



Clover Group startup is also working in the power segment. The company specializes in predictive analytics for industrial equipment ranging from auxiliary elements to turbine generators. Clover Group develops solutions which diagnose functional issues. Implementation of AI technologies in the power industry can potentially exude an enormous economic effect on energy enterprises.


“For example, due to generator failure, one of our Russian clients incurred major losses and had to spend hundreds of millions on repairs and fines for the shortage in power supply and capacity. Had the company used our predictive analytics system, it could have been alerted to the issue six months before the failure,”

Denis Kasimov, General Director of Glover Group, pointed out.



Supercomputer Diagnostics

International corporations are also taking part in AI projects. In the end of 2017, Siemens partnered with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University to open an Industrial Artificial Intelligence Systems lab.

The site is equipped with servers, data storage systems, units which allow for the development of integrated AI systems, and a supercomputer. The latter is designated for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. The lab intends to perform monitoring and diagnostics of industrial systems and machinery.

Research results can be applied in high tech sectors, including power generation. In 2016-17, the German company invested over RUB 20 mln into the project.


“Siemens has extensive digitalization experience, and the lab will allow for its more efficient application and tailoring to needs of the Russian industry. That is yet another step in the development of local digital projects which are currently one of our top priorities,”

Dietrich Möller, President and CEO of Siemens Russia, stated.


Exhibition Items and Discussions

Industrial AI application is an important component of production digitalization. INNOPROM-2018 will feature thematic exhibits under the main exhibition theme of Digital Manufacturing.


"We have been consistently working on this. Over the past four years, we have managed to select the best cases to be presented at the exhibition and succeeded at creating a pool of top experts who discuss the latest trends in digital manufacturing at INNOPROM. Every year global Industry 4.0 leaders from Germany, Japan, Sweden, Italy, and China demonstrate their technologies and machines at the exhibition. As for major Russian manufacturers, INNOPROM participants include a few prominent companies, such as Rostec, along with small but very promising startups,"

Anton Atrashkin, Director of INNOPROM Business Program, shared.


South Korea will be the Partner Country of the exhibition. It will showcase 103 enterprises at its national exhibit spanning over 3 000 sq.m. INNOPROM visitors will be introduced to industrial products manufactured by top companies working in machine building, robotics, car engineering, energy sector, industrial equipment, metalworking, and consumer goods.

Korea International Trade Association (KITA), Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), and Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI) are assisting with the organization of Korea's participation in INNOPROM. Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Slovakia will also present their national stands.

Moreover, the Fifth Russia-China EXPO will be held during INNOPROM-2018. Digital Manufacturing, the main theme of the exhibition, will encompass several industrial segments. For example, national and foreign innovators will present their computer vision technologies, IT projects for business, and robotics and automation solutions at the specialized exhibition on Industrial Automation and IoT.

Additive Technologies exhibit will focus on key trends of the new industrial revolution, i.e. industrial 3D equipment and computer based engineering.

INNOPROM-2018 visitors will also have a chance to explore robotics and computer vision novelties and attend more traditional exhibits of machine building corporations / Photo courtesy of innoprom.com

Manufacturers of equipment for power generation and distribution and participants of technical and energy markets will demonstrate their solutions for various stages of the energy cycle at the Power Engineering Technologies exhibit.

We also invite you to visit INNOPROM.METALWORKING. Its participants will include companies which manufacture metal cutting and welding equipment, industrial robots, software, etc.

Moreover, INNOPROM-2018 will feature traditional economic segments at the Machine Building and Component Manufacturing for Machine Building exhibit. It will introduce INNOPROM visitors to products manufactured by major Russian and foreign concerns and present new import substitution projects and cutting edge ideas in precision engineering and instruments industry.

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