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13 September 2017

Russian Computer Engineering nowadays is just ahead of the process of building its share on the world markets. By the end of 2035, the potential return of digital modeling and design are rising over the $74,8 billion mark. One of the area’s main drivers is an automotive industry, which is interested in developing virtual “crash tests”. CompMechLab, an innovative company from Saint-Petersburg, has decided to increase sales of its technologies on both European and Asian markets.


In year 2018, the key topic of the INNOPROM Exhibition will be “Digital production”. In the upcoming years, Russian Computer Engineering is only coming to perform an active expansion in the digital production and digitalization segments. The Russian market of software for computer-aided engineering is potentially considered to be highly receptive and is estimated by the analytical papers of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University at the share of 1,7% of the world market. In recent years, the market has been demonstrating astonishing growth dynamics (an average growth rate - more than 20%) due to the technological renewal of production assets of the main industries, report experts. According to the Higher School of Economics National Research University analysts’ forecasts, in the year 2020, the volume of the computer engineering market will already reach the level of $7 billion, and the volume of digital modeling and design is foreseen to be $74,8 billion in 2035.

Saint-Petersburg based «CompMechLab» has already revealed its ambitious plans considering this area. For now, this company can be considered the pioneer in the computer engineering in Russia.

St. petersuburg’s mannequin

CompMechLab became the winner of the national industrial award “Industry” during INNOPROM-2017 Expo. The award was provided by its subsidiary structure’s (“Computational Mechanics”) development. The laboratory’s specialists have created the system of the control of management of activities in the field of computer engineering, CML-Bench™. This summer the technology was highly appreciated by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

One of the most commercially successful systems made by the company is CML Safety Suit™, a virtual practice ground. Automobile makers use it to perform “crash-tests”, to estimate the level of safety for a driver, passengers and pedestrians in an emergency situation.

«All the numerical models of CML Safety Suit™ are absolute virtual counterparts of real testing equipment, including such elements as locations of measuring equipment, external dimensions, distribution of masses and materials», - we were told at CompMechLab.

The most expensive and laborous component in the development is virtual models of anthropomorphic mannequins. They take into account all the features and capacities as well as behavior patterns of the human body in as accident and can be viewed as high-precision devices, which possess a shape, a mass distribution and other characteristics, completely similar to the characteristics of a living human being.

The main world market competitor CML Safety Suit™ is the U.S. based Humanetics company production, who is currently covering the 90% share of the crash-tests segment. The main advantage of Russian practice ground is the price of an annual license for the lease of virtual equipment. The price from CML Safety Suit ™ is three plus times lower than that of Humanetics.

Russian company develops various engineering projects, commissioned by engineering departments of key automotive manufacturers: BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Opel GM. For instance, during years 2013-2015, for the benefit of BMW AG more than 35 projects in the field of passive safety, pedestrian protection, etc. were executed by CompMechLab.

«Historically, General Electric и General Motors were our first customers. They have become a good calling card for all others. Further, we have moved to the projects commissioned such well-known international giants such as Boeing, Airbus etc. The driver industry for us is world automotive industry which is considered to be the one of the most dynamic, high-tech and highly competitive sector of the world economy», Alexei Borovkov (Head of the Engineering Center of SPbPU and member of CompMechLab) told us.

In 2015, the economic potential of CompMechLab projects has been recognized by several awards. Firstly, the CML Safety Suit™ virtual practice ground won the "Commercialization" competition organized by the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology. Secondly, "Computational Mechanics" Laboratory has become the winner of the Contest of Small and Medium Enterprises of St. Petersburg "Exporter of the Year" in the nomination "The Best Exporter of Information and Communication Technologies".

FOUR-time award

The subsidiary structure (Computational Mechanics Laboratory Ltd.) has launched the developing of CML Safety Suit™ in 2012 due to the company’s financial flows rising: during 2011-2013 years, the growth was estimated in 124% due to the increasing of R&D expenditure commissioned by leading national and world companies. This was preceded by CompMechLab work on the competitions organized by American ANSYS Inc., a world leader in the development of science-intensive systems of computer engineering and multidisciplinary analysis.

Yearly, at the ANSYS Inc. world competition the professional jury selects the best software projects. CompMechLab specialists were gained top prizes for four times, in years 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2009. In turn, ANSYS Inc. provides support to the winners of the contest and sends out information on the best developments to their partners and customers. The thousands of ANSYS-specialists, who is working in consulting, engineering and industrial companies, as well as in universities, are among them. To conclude, the CompMechLab performance in American company’s competitions has provided a powerful information support of its technology in the global market.

Since 2016, CompMechLab is invading China market with its projects. Alexei Borovkov mentions that during the export expansion on the Asian market, a number of nuances must be taken into account.

«Chinese automobile makers set very interesting tasks in the field of industrial and computer design. This is a crucially specific market, including the fact that among potential partners from China there are a number of professional copycats, who are intended to pull out all the intellectual know-hows. However, on the other hand, there are so many customers, that you are absolutely free to choose, who you are willing to work with. So, the opportunities for development and growth on this market are almost unlimited» (A statement of Mr. Borovkov quoted by RBC Information Systems).

Text by: Yana Platova

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