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16 March 2018


Officials, corporate representatives, and top innovations experts will come together at INNOPROM-2018 in order to partake in the award ceremony of the Fifth National Industrial Award INDUSTRIA. Members of the Award Board will announce the innovative product or technology which meets the demands of the Russian economy and can be internationally competitive.  The Organizing Committee is inviting applications from companies willing to present their unique projects and compete for the industrial Oscar.


Companies are invited to submit their applications on the official INDUSTRIA website by April 1. Should you have questions about application submission and Award procedures, you can contact members of the Organizing Committee via email info@industriaprize.ru. Projects are selected based on several criteria, such as technological novelty (advantages of the new product as compared to currently marketed solutions), economic effect (demand analysis and economic benefits for industrial consumers), cross-industry project benefits (whether the technology can be applied in different segments), and global market focus (evaluation of export potential).


Tavrida Electric Group claimed the INDUSTRIA Award in 2015. The enterprise, which was established in 1990 in Sevastopol, has become a major player in the electrical engineering market and a key contributor to the digitalization of the Russian energy system. The company won the National Industrial Award with its smart project designed for the electric power market. Tavrida Electric team developed a complex system of distribution grid automation and substations reliant on smart switchgear.
The main technological know-how is the smart vacuum automatic circuit recloser. It combines power circuit breaker featuring an inbuilt current and voltage measuring system with a control box equipped with microprocessor safety and automation control system. Tavrida Electric has been selling the product since 2004. Currently, this device (designed and manufactured in Russia) is used worldwide, i.e. in the U.S., Brazil, Australia, Mexico, etc.


Tavrida Electric technologies are implemented in Russia. Currently, the main challenge in the national energy system is equipment wear which can be as high as 70%. On the one hand, modernization is very costly. On the other hand, the industry cannot increase its revenue due to tariff restrictions. Tavrida Electric specialists decided that restructuring of the power supply network and implementation of smart technologies could be achieved without a global renovation.


"The power industry has several options. First, we can do nothing and hope for the better. Without investing into grid modernization, energy companies may cut their costs in the short-term perspective. Ultimately, something will break, and the consequences of such failure are difficult to predict. Second, we have the option of investing in traditional areas and accumulating reserve power. Third, we could upgrade to a smart grid. It is the alternative which offers a compromise between taking a huge risk and unreasonably high costs,"

Vladislav Vorotnitsky, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales of JSC Tavrida Electric Group, pointed out.



In Russia, Tavrida Electric is a key contributor to the digitalization of the power industry, and its flagship project is included in the EnergyNet roadmap under the National Technology Initiative. The company tested its technologies on a joint pilot project organized in collaboration with JSC "Yantarenergo", an affiliate of PAO Rosseti in the Kaliningrad Region. Tavrida Electric and a consortium of partner companies implemented a system of distributed automation for a 15kW grid in Mamonovsky and Bagrationovsky districts. This particular site was selected for a reason: prior to the implementation of smart technologies, in case of power failure emergency crews had to inspect power lines manually and repeatedly, all the while maintaining contact with the operator. Occasionally, up to 30 transformer stations were down, which left 3000 people without power. Emergency repairs could take anywhere between two and twenty-four hours.

Smart reclosers manufactured by Tavrida Electric Group ensured control over the power supply system: the equipment automatically identified and highlighted damaged sections and prevented unscheduled outages. As a result of project implementation, maintenance crews reported a reduction in emergency repair times and optimization of operating costs. Since all reclosers are fitted with remote control devices, information of the condition of equipment is provided through the digital network. Tavrida Electric reclosers allow for the identification of problem areas in under a minute, and in case of emergency outage, power is restored within 50 minutes max.


In 2018-19, the smart grid project will be implemented throughout the Kaliningrad Region, and in the near future it may become the first Russian region to adopt the digital format in its power segment.


"Relevant investment in Mamonovsky and Bagrationovsky power distribution zones (PDZs) constitutes RUB 290mln; 70mln of it will go towards local automation. Payback period is estimated at 8-9 years and accounts for any economic development scenario. We believe in the need to replicate the experience of digital "Yantarenergo" PDZs and are prepared to implement our solution throughout the region,"

Director General of JSC "Yantarenergo" Igor Makovsky stated.



Ultimately, the Kaliningrad experience provided the foundation for the Digital PDZ model which will soon be implemented in other Russian regions. The Novgorod Region intends to study the case and adopt the model. Moreover, Rosseti Group announced its global strategy for nationwide digitalization of its complex by 2030.


"Project costs which amount to RUB 1.3 trillion in current prices will be covered within 14 years and will not require an additional increase in the grid component of the tariff because grid digitalization will boost efficiency and produce a wide range of positive internal effects. Grid digitalization provides Rosseti Group with an opportunity to improve its performance indicators and, therefore, attract new investors and increase its capitalization,"

Pavel Livinsky, Director General of Rosseti, shared.



Tavrida Electric Group exports its products to 80 countries around the globe and is furthering its expansion into foreign markets. According to Group experts, recloser market is estimated at $350 mln per annum while the Russian company claims a 20% share.

One of Tavrida Electric's latest contracts stipulates cooperation with the Philippines, where the Group partakes in the federal project on distribution grid automation. In the pilot mode, the Russian manufacturer supplied 20 devices to engineering company PPI Pazifik Power and another 20 reclosers were provided to regional energy companies Peninsula Electric Cooperative, Dava Light and Power Corporation, etc.

As for European projects, in the end of 2017 Tavrida Electric fulfilled its contractual obligation before Bulgarian grid company ENERGY-PRO, which launched a pilot project on automating its power distribution system. "The recloser was installed successfully and was integrated into existing SCADA system ensuring remote supervisory control from the central control center. We intend to implement new projects in 2018," Tavrida Electric representatives shared.

The company attracted additional attention to its technological solutions thanks to its victorious participation in the National Industrial Award INDUSTRIA. The industrial Oscar is extremely relevant, for it identifies the most interesting innovative projects and showcases the capabilities of the Russian industry. Key representatives of federal agencies and the business community, as well as international industrial innovation experts, annually serve on the Award Board. Board members include the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin, Chairman of the Board at RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais, and President of Fraunhofer Society Reimund Neugebauer. Award participants are provided with the opportunity to showcase their cutting edge technologies at the national level.

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