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July 10 - Day of “Metropolitan Technologies” at INNOPROM

26 May 2015

For the third time, at the International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM will be presenting the Forum “Metropolitan Technologies”.
Participants in the forum will feature representatives from the Ministry for Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation; the Department of Industrial Policy, Science and Innovation of Moscow City Government; theGerman Energy Agency (dena); the Foundation for Internet Development Initiatives; the ICLEI International Association; representatives of cities in Russia and internationally; and companies specializing in innovative solutions for city development, such as Siemens, Phillips, Cisco, RVK, Rostelecom, and many others.

10 июля - день «Технологий для городов» на ИННОПРОМ

During the Forum “Metropolitan Technologies” business leaders, Russian governmental bodies, and other experts will be debating issues such as energy efficiency for cities; the role of the Internet of Things in the development of smart cities; how to preserve industrial heritage during the revitalization of cities; the creation of public spaces and their influence on cities, along with other similar topics.

10 июля - день «Технологий для городов» на ИННОПРОМ

The Forum partners in 2015 are: the German Energy Agency (dena); and the Managers and Developers Guild of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region. The general info-partner of the Forum is Delovoy Kvartal (Business Quarter).

10 июля - день «Технологий для городов» на ИННОПРОМ

Readers will remember the huge success of the 2014 Forum, which featured contributions from Mr Leonid Savitsky, First Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Construction and Housing; Mr Martin Powell, Head of the City Development division at the Siemens Expert Centre; Mr Ĵiri Lang, Regional Director for DuPont Eastern Europe; Mr Harry Verhaar, Head of Operations with Social and State Institutions at Phillips Lighting Solutions; Mr Stephan Kohler, Chairman of theGerman Energy Agency (dena); Matthew Smith, Global Head for Strategy, Business Development and Industrial Solutions at Cisco, and many other participants.

10 июля - день «Технологий для городов» на ИННОПРОМ

There will be a related exhibition at INNOPROM for the Forum “Metropolitan Technologies”, at which companies including Kärcher, Herrenknecht AG, DTG Group, Ecos, Flotenk, YIT Uralstroy, Ecodolie and many others will be displaying their technologies and solutions for city development.

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