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Participants at the INNOPROM Industrial Exhibition discussed current issues about the present status and future prospects of the energy services market in Russia

11 July 2014

The Second All-Russia Convention of Industrialists & Business Leaders For Energy Efficiency was held under the aegis of the INNOPROM-2014 International Industrial Trade Fair.

One of the main topics which the participants – who included representatives of industry, leaders of private business, and energy-producing corporations – discussed, was the issue of energy production activity in Russia.

The key speakers in this debate were as follows: Mr Alexander Mitreikin, Head of the Energy Efficiency Department & Energy Generation for the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation; Mr Alexei Tulikov, Head of Legislation Development in the Energy Industry & Innovation Section of the Federal Bureau REA, at the Energy Ministry of Russia; Mr Remir Mukumov, General Director of RAESKO; Mr Vadim Bannikov, Director of SRO Guild Of Energy Auditors; Mr Sergey Inkov, General Director of GPB-Energoeffect; and Mr Georgy Kozlov, Managing Director of Sverdlovenergosbyt PLC.

The delegates noted that the electricity generating service itself is one of the major components in the conservation of energy, and a serious investment mechanism. It needs to be noted that at present, the potential available for conserving resources is far from complete in any aspect of the economy.
Mr Georgy Kozlov commented that a big aspect amongst the constraining factors is the limited quantity of loan capital that would permit players in the market to upgrade their systems longterm. “The impetus for promoting energy saving contracts might be, in the initial stage, the evolution of a series of legislative measures, and for state authorities to step into the breach. Unstable energy companies stand in dire need of modernization of their facilities, and in situations like this, the ultimate owner of the facilities needs to be the local authority responsible” he stressed.

Next, Mr Alexei Tulikov said that at present there was a great deal of active work in progress at the Federal level, to improve the legal framework which governs matters of energy production – and a number of legal changes are about to come into force. Notably, the mandatory energy audit will be abolished, and replaced with a simple declaration of energy resources. In addition to this, there's an expected change in the requirement for annual cuts in resource needs. Instead of the planned 3% cut in the budgetary sphere, this factor will be instead reduced to just 1%.

Experts remarked that currently the State Duma is weighing the idea of defining a mechanism of guarantees for the refund of funds invested into energy efficiency. It's expected that these measures may come into law as soon as autumn of this year.

The State's future plans include further improvements in Federal law that will bring about changes in the law regarding heating and water supply, and other industry activity in the field of energy.



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