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Alexander Misharin : “Each region should create its competitive advantages”

14 July 2011

The plenary session “Demand and Supply in Russian Market of Innovations – a Roadmap” served as a conceptual start of the work of the Ural international exhibition and forum for industry and innovations “Innoprom 2011”.

The following key questions were announced by the moderator Yermolai Solzhenitsyn, a managing partner of the McKinsey&Company Moscow office: what are the specifics of the Russian model of support for innovations? what are the disproportions of the support for demand and supply in this market?

In the study presented by Bulat Stolyarov, the Director General of IRP Group, Innoprom Forum producer outlined an expert opinion on the matter. Amongst the key problems standing in the way of innovations are the lack of competitive environment and weak legislation.

Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Russian President in the Urals Federal District Nikolay Vinnichenko took part in the discussion and stressed that the Government should serve as a kind of regulator establishing intelligible and transparent regulatory and legal framework while not getting in the way of small businesses and being a dependable guarantor for large operations. Alexander Misharin, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, pointed out that no region can work on its own, it promotes the ideas being implemented nationwide. At the same time each subject of the Russian Federation should create its own competitive advantages. And the Sverdlovsk Oblast is up to the challenge.

Mikhail Abyzov, the Board Chairman of RU-COM, expressed disappointment that technologies as old as 20 years are still being used in industry and construction today but if there was an open demand, we would be getting offers from both Russian and international innovators. Dmitry Pumpyansky, the Board Chairman of JSC Pipe Metallurgical Company, continued the discussion having stressed that the demand for innovations is the cornerstone here and that the role of the Government as regulator is important. What is important for any businessman, however, is not who the "fabricator" of innovations is but the price, the speed of service delivery, and value for money.

The majority of the participants of the discussion came to the conclusion that the Government should be establishing a comfortable environment which would stimulate the demand for innovations. Creating this environment is one of objectives of Innoprom 2011.

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