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Alexander Misharin made a tour of the stands of foreign guests at Innoprom

16 July 2011
The Governor Alexander Misharin has completed his second work day at Innoprom on July 15 with a tour of the stands of foreign companies participating in the work of the international exhibition Innoprom-2011.   During the tour the Head of the Middle Ural had several business conversations, and was shown innovation developments of the foreign guests of the exhibition. 
His tour of the stands the Head of the region started with the German firm Siempelkamp, the company specializing on production of construction materials and woodworking, as well as production of shaped, multilayer and veneer board for aviation.  
There Alexander Misharin had an informal conversation with the head of the company Dieter Siempelkamp, a descendant of many generations of industrialists, the laureate of the 2011 Schweighoffer award, an annual award for the innovation approaches in woodworking industry. D. Siempelkamp received this honorable award for the development of modern continuous press ContiRoll.    
The German guest told the Head of the Middle Ural that now his firm has a representative office in Moscow and would like to start cooperation with the Sverdlovsk Oblast. Alexander Misharin thanked Dieter Siempelkamp for his interest to our region and for coming to Innoprom in person. 
“We have accumulated a significant experience in woodworking, metallurgy. By the way, we will soon celebrate a good holiday – the Metallurgists’ Day, which has a special significance for the Sverdlovsk region”, - said the Governor. 
The Head of the German firm used this opportunity to congratulate the people of Sverdlovsk with this holiday, and expressed his confidence that the meeting at Innoprom will become the beginning of cooperation. 
The need of close cooperation and strengthening of partnership relations became the subject of conversation between Alexander Misharin and the president of the Department of International Trade and the Internationalization of the government of Liguria province of Italy, Franco Aprile.  
The head of the Italian delegation made positive comments about Innoprom and thanked the Head of the region for the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, which was important for the economic contacts.
Alexander Misharin in his turn noted that there were interesting proposals made by the Italian delegation, which need be discussed and moved to a practical level.
“Italy is one of the five countries with which the region has the most active cooperation. Our trade turnover last year exceeded $600 million. We have signed an important agreement on implementation of measures for the reconstruction of Reftinskaya GRES.  This decision is most important of the economic tasks. I thank you for the work you do in the territory of the Sverdlovsk Oblast”, said the Governor.
A warm welcome was offered to Alexander Misharin at the collective stand of the national Polish delegation headed by the Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Poland in Russia, Marek Ochepka.  
Mr. Minister-Counselor has drawn the attention of the Governor to the infrastructure of the developing Malopolski region with the center in Krakow, with the well organized system of promoting innovative ideas and business initiatives.  In addition the Head of the Polish delegation invited Alexander Misharin to visit Poland during the games of the European Football Cup, which will take place next year in Poland.  
“We know that now your city is also preparing for the large football event, the Central Stadium listed in the application for hosting the games of the World Football Cup of 2018 is under reconstruction. In this matter we are in a similar situation and, possibly, our experience will be useful for you”, said the Polish guest.  
The Governor thanked the Polish delegation for the invitation and wished them every success during their stay at Innoprom.
Innovations in IT attracted the Governor’s attention at the stand of the Danish business community. The Head of Hi-Tech Department of the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow Peter Thomsen, e.g. demonstrated to the Head of the region the development by MIRSK company for automatic voice recognition, which transforms the dictation into electronic text.   
According to him it can be used in medical practice, in order to save hospitals significant resources and time for treatment patients – there will be no need to fill in the patient medical record and case histories on paper.
The Governor noted that this invention was extremely useful and suggested that the regional healthcare ministry consider the possibility of its use in hospitals. 
After the tour of the foreign companies’ stands the head of the region had talks with the foreign delegations that came to Innoprom for expansion of their commercial, economic and humanitarian cooperation with the Sverdlovsk region. 
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