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“Innoprom-2011” barometer

14 July 2011

“Innoprom-2011” barometer is a comprehensive study of the Russian innovation climate custom made for the International Ural Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation.

The uniqueness of the “

Innoprom Barometer” developed by the IRP Group is its capability of measuring the perception of the level and quality of the Russian innovation market evolution by various participants of the innovation process.

The survey demonstrated that the values of all three indexes stayed within the range from 30 to 40 points out of 100 available under the “

The most active producers and consumers in the Russian innovations market are the foreign companies and their subsidiaries.

The “Barometer” indicated an extremely low level of trust in the state among the entrepreneurs (according to 80% of the interviewed experts).

The experts’ assessment of the quality of the Russian innovative products was not high.

Low competitiveness was associated with the low quality of demand for innovations.

At the same time the experts were optimistic about the future.

A lot of hope in relation to the innovations development process was laid on the state.

The experts have been almost unanimous in their recommendation to stop the attempts of developing the Russian market of innovations through the use and adaptation of imported technologies, and focus instead on the Russian R&D sector.

It is planned to use the “Innoprom Barometer” as a tool for annual studies, which will offer opportunities for tracking changes in the Russian market of innovations.

Innoprom Barometer” scale. The innovations market in Russia today is still in the emerging stage. The deficit of supply and demand for innovations is a product of the low market growth rates owing to the unfavorable base conditions for doing business. In the group of the Russian suppliers the dominant position belonged to the small innovative companies: over 40% of the respondents ranked their market activity high. The least significant role in the market of innovations was believed to be played by the state, or the research and educational institutions with the government participation in equity. At the same time the level of trust and the rating of the partners’ reliability inside the entrepreneurial community proved to be significantly higher. Over 80% of the interviewed experts fully or partially agreed that there was no fair competition in the Russian market of goods and services. 70% of the respondents named high administrative barriers as a negative factor for the growth of the Russian business environment for the development of innovations. Only about 6% of the Russian innovations, according to the expert opinion, were highly competitive in the global markets, and about 15% - in the domestic Russian market. Most of the respondents named pressure on the part of the authorities, and replacement of worn and outdated equipment as the main motives for introducing innovations in private Russian companies. Only slightly over 20% of the respondents believed that introducing innovations in a company was part of a dedicated implementation of a business sustainable development strategy. Over one half of the respondents believed that the volume of supply and demand in the Russian market of innovations would grow in 10 years. About one third of the survey participants believed that by 2021 Russia would become one of top 30 innovative powers of the world. According to the experts in order to stimulate the market the state should change the vector of its innovations policy: instead of stimulating development of new products it should rather concentrate on improvement of the institutional environment. Over 60% of the interviewed experts supported this type of measures. The remaining 30% of the survey participants believed that it was necessary to pay more attention to the development of demand for innovations, including by means of creating systems of incentives for financing and introduction of innovations in the Russian companies. Russia must develop innovations based on its own resources in combination with attraction to the country of highly qualified foreign specialists.

By the results of the expert survey three integrated indexes have been calculated:

· Index of institutional environment for innovations:

· Index of innovations supply:

· Index of innovations demand:

Perception by the expert community of the set of norms and regulations for innovative business; Assessment of the innovations potential and the innovation activity of suppliers, the quality of accumulated human capital, as well as the government support measures aimed at stimulating supply; Perception by the expert community of capacity and quality of the Russian consumer market of innovative products.

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