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The Future of White Metallurgy at INNOPROM-2013

31 May 2013

The ChelPipe Group will present a project based on cooperation between business, society and the army within the framework of a program to train a new breed of workers at the INNOPROM-2013 International Industrial Fair.

The main subject of the white metallurgy company’s exhibit will be presenting the effective cooperation between ChelPipe and the government of the Sverdlovsk Region and the commanders of the Air Force Air Defense Forces in the Central Military District. Since 2011, the ChelPipe Group have been conducting a project to train highly qualified workers, based on public-private partnership, working with the regional government to build the best educational center in the country at the Pyervouralskiy Metallurgical College (PMC). Refusing to rest on its laurels, in 2012 the company initiated the signing of a special agreement, thanks to which all graduates of PMC of military age received the chance to perform their required military service in military unity No. 71542, v. Gorny Shchit. The INNOPROM-2013 International Fair coincides with the demobilization of the first soldiers to participate in this project, and they will also be at ChelPipe’s stand.

The company stand will be set up in the military style. The complex installation that will occupy the central part of a camouflage podium is a stylized control panel, with the right side consisting of controls appropriate for a pipe production line, while the left will resemble the controls for a high-tech surface-to-air missile system. This composition is designed to encourage the viewer to look at the image of the worker and military serviceman and their role in the modern world from a different perspective. It is no secret that in recent decades, a stereotype has emerged in relation to both the working class and the army: in the popular consciousness, studying in mid-level specialized educational institution, serving in the army and choosing a blue-collar profession are regarded as signs of an unsuccessful life strategy. Its synonyms are a low level of education and a low standard of living. Meanwhile, the qualifications required for rank and file factory specialists have changed radically: complex computerized equipment that only a well-trained specialist can use is being put into place everywhere. The nature of the armed forces is also undergoing serious changes. More and more high-tech weapon systems are entering service. In order to use them, a draftee must be able to service the integrated production systems. ChelPipe’s corporate project, the Future of White Metallurgy is a striking example of how the need for new workers is creating the conditions to foster greater social mobility and increase the prestige of blue collar occupations and service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The goal of the ChelPipe Group’s stand is not only to demonstrate the advantages of a complex educational program, but also to emphasize the fact that business has a very real interest in the formation of a new life strategy for a new working class.

The ChelPipe Group’s stand will be located in the 3rd pavilion.


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