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The Director of the INNOPROM Business Program sums up the results

12 July 2014

Saturday in Ekaterinburg saw the final day of the Fifth International Industrial Trade Exhibition INNOPROM-2014, which attracted participants from business communities in over 70 countries.

The Director of INNOPROM's Business Program, Mr Anton Atrashkin, said that all the business delegates have confirmed their interest in doing business with Russia – in an interview Mr Atrashkin had with ITAR-TASS.

Mr Atrashkin believes the overall view is that the Fifth INNOPROM show has been an enormous success. “The Exhibition & Business Program attracted around 600 companies from 70 countries around the world – with the largest delegations coming from China, Japan, Germany, Thailand, Latin America and the Arab World” Mr Atrashkin said. “I'm proud to say that these sanctions and political upsets had no negative influence on INNOPROM whatsoever! All of our foreign guests and partners confirmed that they have firm intentions to do business with Russia”.

Mr Atrashkin mentioned that business delegations from the USA and Canada had also visited the Ekaterinburg industrial forum. “Even the countries that could be called the leading lights of the sanctions against Russia turned up to INNOPROM too. They came to the Exhibition, and took part in the business events”.
Atrashkin went on to say that Fifth INNOPROM show had proved a platform for Russia's Ministry of Trade & Industry to re-evaluate its policies in industrial policy. The show attracted record numbers of foreign delegates and companies – confirming the idea that for international business, economic interests are paramount. “World businesses are interested in doing business with Russia. The level of the business leaders who attended the INNOPROM Exhibition was unprecedentedly high” said Mr Atrashkin. The Business Program's Director believes that the exhibition's content was greater and more comprehensive than ever - “because exhibitors brought their latest production technology and most innovative new output to the show, demonstrating it live. The show excelled even the highest expectations.”

A number of highly significant events took place during the four days of the exhibition in Ekaterinburg. The keynote event was the plenary session “Industry In Search Of Intellect – Global Trends and the Russian Context”, attended by Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's Minister of Trade & Industry Mr Denis Manturov, and a host of business leaders from leading Russian and foreign companies. At the end of the session, Mr Medvedev made the first National Industrial Award, titled “The Industry Award” to the biotechnology corporation “Biokad”.

The PM also launched an electro-thermal station, and was introduced to a range of innovative new developments from a wide range of Russian and foreign companies – including the latest Russian trends in robotic technologies, the new ultra-modern tram from Urals Wagons Plant, and a cutting-edge laser nano-microscope.

During the Business Program of the Exhibition, delegates discussed such topics as the development of computer engineering, import substitution, logistics, export, and Russia's intellectual capital. A number of major contracts emerged from the Exhibition. Mr Atrashkin mentioned a deal between Renault Russia and Export Insurer EKSAR, a contract between Rostechnology and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd (MHIEC), a deal between Urals Wagons Plant and RESA, and several others.

The ITAR-TASS NEWS AGENCY is the general information partner of the INNOPROM Exhibition.



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