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"The Soul of Russian Industry"

26 February 2014

Today, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, presented the first edition of the "The Soul of the Russian Industry" book.



The book is a photo album with reports and interviews with ten experts of the leading enterprises of the domestic industry covering various fields. The edition is in Russian and English, and is published for a wide range of people, both in Russian and foreign. You can read the book on mobile devices, moreover "The Soul of Russian Industry" mobile application is available for downloading on ОС Apple iOS, ОС Android.

"In this book, we wanted to show all the fields of Russian industry through the people whose work is at the basis of the achievements", - noted the head of the Russian Ministry of Industry.

In 2014, it is planned to continue publishing series of thematic albums, the main heroes of which will be workers of companies, which make the unique Russian goods and technologies.

Below is an extract from the book:

"Ordinarily we see industrial production as a nonstop process of manufacturing new products and goods that we use every day. and often this process obscures what matters most – the people who fill this activity with life energy and meaning.

When people really love their job, they become so focused and carried away that they barely notice what happens around them. It is as if they see the entire universe, its laws and principles reflect within their trade. These are the kind of individuals who became an inspiration to us. We encountered dozens of amazing people when we were collecting stories for this publication. They represent ten Russian industries ranging from aircraft manufacturing to handicrafts.
People of ten different trades: a designer of unique cars, a weaver holding a still warm fabric, an artist drawing an exceptional flower design, an aircraft fitter, a chemist, a process engineer, a lab head, a movie director. Men and women, young and mature, from all parts of Russia. All these diverse individuals have something in common - they are highly skilled in life and work. Each story in this edition will take you on a short journey to explore the very core of a specific profession and examine it through the eyes of outstanding masters.

When Russians want to praise a job well done they usually say ‘made with with heart and soul’. When they wish to search for the essence of the matter, they say ‘search one’s heart’. The Heart and Soul of Russian industries are right in front of your eyes, enclosed in this simple and plain love of one’s trade”.


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