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Energy provided by MRSK-Ural will support the development of a unique innovation cluster in the Central Urals

11 July 2014

Under the aegis of the INNOPROM international industry trade fair, the leaders of the MRSK-Ural PLC and OEZ Titanium Valley signed a Memorandum of Interest. The document confirms the plans of the two sides who signed it to begin production of innovative energy products in the "Titanium Valley” Special Economic Zone. The document was signed by Mr Yuri Lebedev, representing MRSK-Ural, and Mr Artemy Kyzlasov, the General Director of Titanium Valley PLC.

MRSK-Ural intends to obtain resident status within the Special Economic Zone. One of the particular concerns of both signatory parties is to implement a program of regional import substitution, and diversification and innovation within the industry. Such a program would offer substantial economic and market advantages to Titanium Valley PLC by stimulating the development of new high-technology products.

The Memorandum of Interest was signed under the framework of the Strategic Agreement for Cooperation which was signed in May of this year by the General Director of Rosseti PLC, Mr Oleg Budargin, and the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Central Urals will become the production centre for special kinds of innovative high-tech power cables for power transmission. These cables have heightened transmission performance abilities, which can transmit a great deal more power than standard industry cables – they can be operated to higher wind loads, and have a very good resistance to icing. On top of this, the cables produced in the Urals will be significantly cheaper to buy than comparable cables produced overseas.

MRSK-Ural and its partner Titanium Valley has already identified the land where the production facility will be built – a territory covering 8.47 hectares. The perimeter of the area has already been supplied with all the necessary infrastructure utilities – electricity, gas, heating networks, and water.
“Now we're really getting stuck into the nitty-gritty of the project. We're working on getting the investors, collaboration with companies who produce the technology for the innovative cables, completing the procedures for signing the documents on the site we've agreed on. Today, our common aim lies in setting up the right conditions for developing innovation in the industry, so that these new technologies would become the benchmark of work in the industrial sector in the future. This will not only boost the economy of the Urals Region, but of the country as a whole” said Mr Yuri Lebedev, the CEO of MRSK-Ural.

MRSK-Ural energy production will contribute to the development of Titanium Valley as part of its plans for the provision of electrical energy. Currently the “Titan” substation is being built, supplies 110/10 kilowatts – and this will become a key provider in the electrical power provision for the industrial producers within the Special Economic Zone. Consultants from MRSK-Ural and Sverdlovenergo have already completed the preparation of the building site for setting up the equipment, and its installation will begin in August.

“MRSK-Ural has once again confirmed its status, promoting innovative technology to the maximum in the Urals, and making real developments to the economy, in creating new jobs in the high technology sphere. The company will not just be providing electricity to the New Economic Zone, but also takes part in import substitution, which is one of Russia's priority strategy objectives” said Mr Artemy Kyzlasov, the General Director of Titanium Valley PLC


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