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Yermolai Solzhenitsyn to take part in the INNOPROM 2011 forum

30 June 2011

Yermolai Solzhenitsyn, managing partner of the Moscow office of McKinsey & Company, is to take part in the “INNOPROM 2011” forum as a moderator of the plenary sessions. A specialist in the mining, steel, oil, gas and transport industries, Y. Solzhenitsyn has been working for McKinsey & Company since 1998. In 2005 he became a partner, and in 2008 he took on the role of head of the company’s Moscow office. Before joining McKinsey & Company, Y. Solzhenitsyn worked in Taiwan for Tradepower Inc, in China (Kamsky Associates), in the USA (the World Bank) and in Russia (Lamport).

Education: bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and history from Harvard University, 1993, and a Masters in international relations and economics from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University in 1998.

The subject of the first plenary session, which will take place on 14 July, the opening day of the forum, is: “Supply and demand in the innovations market in Russia: a road map”. Topical questions will be put to the participants in the discussion: What are the specific features of the Russian model for supporting innovations? What are the existing imbalances in support between supply and demand in the innovations market? Does the new Strategy take into account contemporary challenges and global trends in the area of developing innovations? Has there been a change of emphasis in government policy on boosting innovation-based business? This is the focus of the plenary discussion preceding the forum participants’ work in topic-based groups, which will be engaged in identifying the key issues and possible solutions in order to increase the level of cooperation between the supply and demand sides in the innovations market. The forum’s special research, the “INNOPROM 2011 Barometer of Russian Innovations”, will be presented. The participants in the plenary session will also be briefed on the innovative project called the “Innovations Contest”. 

The theme of the concluding plenary session, which will also be moderated by Y. Solzhenitsyn, is: “An action plan to develop an innovation-based economy: strategies for a growth in demand, strategies for a growth in supply, qualitative improvement of institutions”. The event will also sum up the results and identify the key issues in the relationship between supply and demand, and will also draw up a package of specific proposals, primarily for government authorities, to stimulate and support the development of innovations in Russia.

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