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“Innoprom-2011”: general information

14 July 2011

“Innoprom” is an annual event organized by the Government of the Sverdlovsk Oblast with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation under the Resolution of March, 16, 2011. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition and Forum is the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation I. I. Sechin.

The main goal of “Innoprom” is the introduction of the modern industry innovations (goods and services) into the system of public and corporate procurement, building up the Russian industry’s potential as the buyer of new technologies with the purpose of modernizing and improving the competitive position of the Russian economy. “Innoprom” offers unique opportunities for exchange of experience and constructive dialogue between the representatives of the Federal and the regional authorities, major Russian and foreign companies, small and medium size innovative business, researchers and experts.

“Innoprom-2011” started its work. Today, here at this unique for Russia exhibition floor we did our best to bring together the most active and enterprising people in the country, - said the First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, the Minister of investment policy and development, Mikhail Maksimov, – those who understand the challenges of the current moment and have the strategic vision of the future of Russia; those who are capable of becoming the leading actors in building the innovative economy, and who are also capable of offering specific technological solutions. The “Innoprom” must bring together the representatives of major Russian and foreign companies, small and medium sized innovative businesses, financial institutions, government authorities, research and expert community working for the common goal of innovative modernization of Russia.”

This year’s International Ural Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation “Innoprom” has opened in the newly built International Exhibition center “Ekaterinburg-Expo” with the total floor area 50 thousand square meters. Over 400 companies participate in the work of the exhibition. The area of the built-up exhibition stands is 12,000 square meters, the outdoor exhibition covers the area of 4,000 square meters.

During the four days of the exhibition’s operation over 70 events will be held, the expected number of participants from over 30 countries is about 5,000.

Main agenda of the forum “Innoprom-2011” will be dedicated to the development of action plan for the development of innovative economy in Russia. At the first plenary meeting the experts will discuss the main factors contributing to the formation of supply and demand in the Russian innovations’ market. The discussion will be based on the presentation of the “Barometer of the innovative development of Russia “Innoprom-2011” – an official report of the forum prepared on the basis of a dedicated survey performed by the IRP Group.

During the first day of the work of the forum (the Day of Demand) there will be a number of round table discussions focused on the necessary measures for stimulation of growth of demand for innovations in the Russian economy. The second day’s round table discussions (the Day of Supply) will be concentrated on discussing factors, which may contribute to the increased quantity and quality of innovations supply in the Russian economy.

One of the key events of the forum is the program of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives on July 14. As a part of the Forum’s agenda, a meeting of the R&D Directors’ Club will take place for the first time in Russia. The meeting has been organized together with the Institute of Innovations management of the Research University of the High School of Economics.

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