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The PROFI Festival presented new opportunities for industrial personnel at INNOPROM-2015

13 July 2015

A pilot launch of the PROFI National Festival of Professions was made in the framework of the INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair over 8th to 11th July, 2015.
The main objectives of PROFI are the improvement of personnel training conditions, introduction of the most in-demand professions in the industry to the youth and their popularisation.
More than 4,000 professionals in the field of education held about 100 events for 6 000 students and demonstrated the potential of industrial area for the beginners and the future personnel. The project was supported by the Federal Ministries of Education and Science, Labour and Social Protection, and Ministry of Industry and Trade.


The PROFI events at INNOPROM-2015 were held simultaneously at several venues:

  • a number of presentations of educational solutions for training industrial personnel and career guidance programmes of the exhibition participants - representatives of Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Germany (BIBB) were held in the zone of the specialized exhibition “PROFI: education industry solutions”;
  • numerous business events involving HR-management of industrial corporations and specialised agencies of federal and regional authorities were held in the forum zone;
  • PROFI’s official partner - Cisco Systems - presented original training programmes for engineers in the field of communication (“Engineering school of the 21st century”, “Smart school”, “Career guidance for schoolchildren and people with disabilities” and others) in the zone of project presentation.

One of the PROFI momentous events was the official opening ceremony with the participation of Mr. Alexander Klimov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Mr. Gleb Nikitin, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mr. Alexey Orlov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and Mr. Matthew Smith, Global Head of Transformational Strategy of Industry Solutions of Cisco Systems.
I remember the Soviet times, when planers and files were used at the lessons of arts and crafts, but when we see what Russian industrial enterprises present today, we understand that these are the sites where we need to bring schoolchildren, students of vocational education institutions, University students. And this is the career guidance and the lessons that allow involving more young people in engineering and technology. Such activities form the understanding of the fact that the future of Russia depends on the real sector of production, on science and technology,” - Mr. Alexander Klimov said, greeting the project participants at the solemn opening ceremony.

Key results of PROFI at INNOPROM-2015:

  • More than 6,000 students and young professionals from the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and other regions met the leading industrial employers in the framework of career guidance route through stands of companies;
  • More than 70 master-classes of world leading industrial companies, offering educational solutions (Cisco Systems, Fanuc Corporation, Christiani GmbH & Co and others);
  • More than 30 events in the framework of the business programme, which involved more than 4,000 specialists of educational and industrial organisations and communities. The PROFI headliners were: Mr. Alexander Klimov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Mrs. Yulia Khanzhina, Deputy Director of the Strategic Development Department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mrs. Svetlana Kraichinskaya, Vice-President on staff, United Aircraft Corporation JSC, Mrs. Olga Fomina, Head of the branch on professional standards and certification of Staff preparation and training department, United Rocket and Space Corporation OJSC, Mrs. Elena Aksenova, Director of the Corporate University for Hydroelectrics at Rus-Hydro JSC, Mr. Dmitry Razumovsky, Head of the program of Net Academy, Cisco in Russia, Mr. Marcus Milwa, Head of the department of international relations, Technical Institute for Vocational Training named after Paul Christiani and others.
  • Dozens of solutions for educational institutions and programmes of career guidance were presented by participants of the exhibition “PROFI: education industry solutions.” It is the first specialised exhibition of similar topic at INNOPROM. Project exhibitors included among others Russian and international leading developers of educational solutions: Cisco Systems, Fanuc, Christiani GmbH & Co, Galsen - Educational Technology LLC, Uchtech-Profi SPE LLC, Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Germany (BIBB), UrFU named after B.N. Yeltsin and others;
  • The signing of the agreement of intent to develop cooperation between the Technical Institute for Vocational Training named after Paul Christiani (Germany) and specialized secondary educational institutions of the Sverdlovsk region;

The PROFI Career guidance project, implemented at INNOPROM-2015 as a pilot launch of the National Festival of Professions has shown itself as a relevant, socially meaningful platform, oriented to future industrial personnel. Global issues of industrial education were covered here and the dialogue between the largest industrial enterprises of Russia, the youth and educational system had been establishing.

About INNOPROM-2015
The Sixth International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM-2015 took place in Ekaterinburg over 8th to 11th July, 2015. During the four days the Trade Fair was open, the Ekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Centre – the event's venue – took in more than 52,000 visitors, up 14% on the figure for 2014  (46,000 visitors).  The topic of INNOPROM-2015 was “Industrial Efficiency”. The next INNOPROM-2016 will be held on a relevant topic “Industrial net”. In total, more than 600 industrial corporations took part in the exhibition and Business Programme of INNOPROM-2015.
INNOPROM-2015 joined together five topic sections: Industrial Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Optics & Lasers, Metropolitan Technologies.

The Partner Country of INNOPROM-2015 was the People's Republic of China.  It was the first time that such a status had been conferred at INNOPROM.  The Chinese National Exhibition at the Trade Fair covered an area of 7,500 square metres (comprising nearly 150 companies over 33 interconnected stands).
Representatives of 70 countries took part in INNOPROM-2015.  More than 50 official documents were signed at INNOPROM-2015 with the participation of the heads of Russian and foreign industrial companies (memoranda of understanding, agreements on partnership, on intent and cooperation, as well as deeds and contracts). Amount of contracts signed at INNOPROM-2015 exceeded 10 billion roubles.

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