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"Unclassified" physicist at the Forecast-Session of INNOPROM!

01 April 2013

American scientist, one of the most authoritative research-physicists of modern times, specialist in the field of theoretical physics, active popularizer of science, and author of numerous popular-science books Michio Kaku will take part in the Forecast-Session "Technological Breakthroughs: Where and When" on 11 July 2013. 

The host of prominent television and radio programs (Sci Fi Science, How the Universe Works, and others), Michio Kaku has written a number of popular-science books, many of which have become bestsellers and been translated into several languages:

  • Hyperspace
  • Introduction to Superstrings 
  • Beyond Einstein 
  • Physics of the Impossible 
  • Physics of the Future, and more.

Michio Kaku is one of the few serious scientists to address a broad general audience: he popularizes his scientific views, provides commentaries on major scientific developments, and is able to use everyday language to explain highly-complex problems of theoretical physics and the universe.

Doctor Kaku is also famous for his audacious scenarios for the future. Here are just some of his predictions:

  • in 8 years, most human diseases will disappear thanks to the constant diagnostic testing of all human systems via the use of implanted robot-nanocomputers;
  • in 18 years, all animate and inanimate objects will be implanted with invisible computers; 
  • in 23 years, universal, generally-accessible organ farming will become common practice; 
  • in 38 years, extreme-sport enthusiasts will be able to fly to the Red Planet on a solar sail at half the speed of light in just three months; 
  • in 43-83 years, the need to go to work will disappear – the boss’ instructions to subordinates will become virtual – possibly even telepathic; 
  • in 88 years, virtual materialization will become possible thanks to the total merger of man and robot. 

At the INNOPROM platform, research-physicist Michio Kaku will discuss what modern physics actually does, how the "multidimensionality" of space and time can be interpreted, and finally – what parallel worlds really are! Which bold predictions by fantasy writers and sci-fi filmmakers stand a chance of coming true before our very eyes? Will we ever learn to walk through walls or build spaceships capable of traveling faster than the speed of light? Read minds? Become invisible?


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