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The Second International Ural Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation “INNOPROM – 2011” will take place on 14-16 July in Ekaterinburg

28 October 2010

The government of Sverdlovsk region will perform as the initiator and organizer of the Second International Ural Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation “INNOPROM – 2011” will take place on 14-16 July in Ekaterinburg. The official forum operator will be IRP-group and the exhibition operator – the “Formika” company. It is one of the most significant specific events in Russia that is dedicated to latest technologies and developments in the Russian industry.

The main goal of “INNOPROM” is to unite the representatives of largest Russian and foreign companies, small and medium-sized innovative businesses, financial institutions, government, scientists and experts in order to support implementing innovative projects, commercialization of latest technologies and developments in the Russian industry. This will help to switch from borrowing technologies to their creation and to increase competitiveness of industry in Russia by raising the labour capacity. For businessmen “INNOPROM” is an opportunity to get acquainted with project developers, find new market niches, potential co-investors and interesting projects for investment, attract human resources in the area of innovations. Scientific society and developers of new technologies can evaluate the competitiveness of their projects and meet Russian and foreign investors, what will enable them to gain profits from their scientific developments. Representatives of the government will be able to describe actions that are being taken to support the development of hi-tech productions and increase the demand for innovative products and services.

“INNOPROM – 2010” that was held this year has become the symbolic event in the area of innovations and industry in Russia. Over 7000 participants and 500 companies from all the branches of economy – from heavy engineering and extraction of commercial minerals to IT and manufacturing of medical equipment – have taken part in the exhibition and forum. Within the frame of “INNOPROM – 2010” over 80 business events were conducted and over 20 agreements for the total amount of 43,2 billion rubles were concluded.

Comparing to the previous year “INNOPROM – 2011” will perform not just as notional communicative stage but also as a fair of latest technologies, meeting point of innovations and investments. One of the main tasks of “INNOPROM” will be implementing of up-to date industrial innovations into the system of state and corporate purchases. Another one is expanding the potential of Russian industry as a purchaser of latest technologies in order to increase the quality of hi-tech market and overall modernize the economy.

As part of preparation to “INNOPROM – 2011” an Expert Board will soon be formed that will consist of representatives of business, government, scientific society, financial institutions, that are key experts in the area of innovations in industry. The main functions of the Expert Board will be, on the one hand, ion and approval of the forum themes, working out programme events and, on the other hand, ion of best innovative projects in the frame of grant contest aimed at supporting prospective innovative projects. Winners of the contest will get special awards and opportunities to demonstrate their projects at “INNOPROM – 2011”. The latest information about the process of “INNOPROM - 2011” preparation and also about most urgent events on the market of innovations in Russia and abroad will be available at www.innoprom.org

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