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INDUSTRY 4U decides who will build airplanes and supercomputers

19 June 2013

New INNOPROM project INDUSTRY 4U is dedicated to educational system of industrial sphere

Today thousands of people are involved in building major industrial sites. The more dynamically technology develops, the higher the requirements for the staff involved in every stage of modern industrial production become.
INDUSTRY 4U is a project that will be held on July 13th, 2013 as part of the INNOPROM international fair and is intended to inspire the younger generation to choose careers in industry and high technology. INDUSTRY 4U brings together young people that are in the process of choosing the direction for their professional development, leading industrialists and representatives of the educational system.

What makes industry successful? Quick decision-making, complex equipment and a strong staff. The modern level of technological development and globalization leads to major demands on the people who handle production. The next generation of specialist is not a semi-literate blue-collar slob in greasy overall, but a highly qualified, technically literature and highly paid employee, an advanced computer user who can operate complex machines.

The INDUSTRY 4U business program will begin with an expanded session of representatives of business, government agencies, and experts from Russia and abroad. Participants include Alexander Klimov, Deputy Minister of Science and Education of the Russian Federation, Andrei Saltano, General Director of OJSC Uralmashzavod , Alla Vuchkovich, Vice President of the United Aircraft Corporation, Valentin Tazetdinov, Technical Director of the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant Group and many more.

The Moderator of the discussion, Pytor Shedrovitzky, an expert on issues of spatial development, regional and industrial policy, innovative operations and staff training had this to say about his participation in the discussion: a modern airplane, oil platform or nuclear power plant is created by tens of thousands of specialists, working at hundreds of enterprises scattered all over the world. Systems engineering tools and modern information technology knit these firms, groups and teams into a single process, oriented towards common standards of quality, deadlines and cost parameters. One of the most important aspects of that process is staff training; clear skill requirements, adequate training and human resources logistics systems. The discussion that we plan to have at Innoprom will enable us to look at the problem form different points of view.”

After the general session, the participants will have the opportunity to participate in themed roundtables, where they will discuss corporate universities, new models of education, training for management teams, and the problem of providing staff for modern industry.

All of the events of the business program are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Employees of human resources, enterprise personnel services, instructors at institutions of higher learning and technicums, and managers of industrial enterprises are invited to participate in the discussion and interact with the experts.


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