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INNOPROM and Open Innovations

17 October 2014

On 14th October there was a meeting at the Russian Ministry for Trade & Industry entitled “Discussion of the concept of setting up a Foundation For The Development Of Industry” - within the framework of the Business Program of the “Open Innovations” international forum, and attended by Mr Denis Manturov, Russia's Trade & Industry minister. 


The moderator of this discussion was Mr A Atrashkin, the Director of the Business Program at INNOPROM.

Contributors to the discussion included Mr Dmitry Pumpyanski, Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Businesspeople, and Chairman of the Boards of Directors at both Sinara Group and TMK; Mr Sergei Nedoroslev, Co-Chairman of Business Russia; Mr Mikhail Rogachev, Director of the Russian Foundation for Technological Development; Mr Alexei Matveev, Deputy Chairman of Gazprombank; and Mr Andrei Svinarenko, Director of infrastructure and education programs at Rosnano.

“In 2014 the Russian Government extended funding to the Foundation for Development of Industry that amounted to 16 billion roubles” Mr Manturov confirmed. “ That figure could even be increased, depending on what's possible when the details of the annual budget are finalised. For 2015, 2016 and 2017, it's intended to provide nearly 18 billion roubles of funding for the Foundation. Overall, by the end of 2018, the total funding which will have been made available to the new development organisation will reach 70 billion roubles”.










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