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Decreasing Interest in “White Collars” in Russia

11 December 2012

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (Mintrud) of the Russian Federation, the largest amount of reductions in the professional quotas in 2012 was observed under the category “heads of institutions, organizations and enterprises and their subdivisions.”

Headhunters find this trend legitimate. Industrial professions are at the forefront today. The number of quotas for workers in the metal-processing and machine-building industry grew by 11.1.% (up to 108,274); 9.8% (up to 583,267) – for workers involved in mining, stone drivages and maintenance and construction; by 10% (up to 123,046) — for drivers and operators of mobile equipment; by 7.1% (up to 84,041) — for other professions of skilled workers of large and small enterprises.



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