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Mikhail Maksimov, Sverdlovsk District First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economics - Rheinland Pfalz interview

30 May 2011

Yekaterinburg will host the II International Ural Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovations INNOPROM 2011 from 14 – 17 July 2011. What can you tell us about this event and why is it worth participating in it?

- INNOPROM 2011 will be a cutting-edge exhibition and communications platform for participants to show off their innovative goods and services, discover projects and new technology needed for developing a business, talk over issues in the innovative sector and share experiences. This year the exhibition’s design is based on the model for supply and demand’s interacting on the innovations market. This type of layout will give private investors, companies and enterprises the opportunity to articulate the demand for innovative products, while INNPROM 2011 participants will be able to introduce themselves and their goods. Research centres, technoparks, state universities and private companies will be at the exhibition with their offerings, while talented inventors will be on hand to present their projects and developments. Organisations carrying out major Russian projects, such as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, 2018 World Cup, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, etc., will also present demand for innovative developments. Large corporations, government administrations from Russian regions and cities, and business representatives will be at INNOPROM 2011.

What can INNPROM 2011 offer this year that is new and interesting?

This year, alongside the exhibition forums and usual exhibition services, INNOPROM 2011 will give participants the chance to present their company or development in special presentation halls. Furthermore, a lot of attention this year will be given to the Forum’s communications aspect. INNOPROM will bring together the most active and ambitious people in Russia to forge specific proposals for increasing supply and demand in the innovations market in 2011. This is where INNOPROM offers one-of-a-kind opportunities for sharing experiences and having a worthwhile dialogue between large Russian and foreign companies, small and medium innovative business, the federal and regional branches of power, and researchers and specialists.

Experience shows that these kinds of forums are useful for both the host region and the participants. Does INNOPROM 2010 have any success stories to show for?

- Here are a few facts. Last year the exhibition and forum took up two pavilions totaling 40,000 square metres. More than 500 Russian and foreign companies took part in last year’s forum. Stand space took up 10,000 square metres, while 6,000 square metres were set aside for set-ups on the street.

The exhibit saw 21 agreements signed for roughly 43.2 billion roubles in total. The very fact that 90% of the exhibits from last year are coming back this year is testimony to the large amount of success stories. All those who didn’t take part in the first exhibit are planning to participate as exhibitors and chief participants in the Forum’s business programme. There have already been almost 160 applications turned in for 6000 square metres.

INNOPROM 2010’s organisation level was highly rated by our foreign partners. A protocol was signed on 18 July between the Sverdlovsk district government and Deutsche Messe (the Hannover Messe exhibition organiser) on the mutual interest in organising the INNPROM industrial exhibition annually in Yekaterinburg.

INNOPROM 2011 is Russia’s main innovation platform, and you could even say that it is the country’s Hannover. Therefore many companies want to present their innovations in Yekaterinburg and large market players and state agencies will make a query for innovative goods, services and technology in any sector. The need to create similar platforms has been extremely evident for a long time now, and INNPROM will be the place for the second year in a row for discussing the chief strategies for fostering innovation. This year the exhibit and forum will take place at a new, large platform at the Yekaterinburg EXPO exhibition centre, which can compete with the leading European exhibition centres. This is a welcome bonus for participants and gives the opportunity to bring in all the more foreign participants to the Sverdlovsk district.

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