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Results overview of INNOPROM-2015

14 July 2015

14.07.2015, Moscow. The Sixth INNOPROM-2015 International Industrial Trade Fair took place in Ekaterinburg over 8th to 11th July, 2015.

During the four days the Trade Fair was open, the Ekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Centre – the event's venue – took in more than 52,000 visitors, up 14% on the figure for 2014 (when 46,000 visitors attended). Following the international conventions for measuring attendance at exhibitions, these statistics carefully measure only unique (discrete) visitors.
The chosen topic of Innoprom-2015 was Industrial Efficiency.
The main topic of Innoprom–2016 will be Industrial net.
Innoprom-2015 joined together five industry-specific sectors:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Optics & Lasers
  • Technology For Cities

The topical classification appeared in the Exhibition and in the Business Program. In all, more than 600 industrial corporations took part in the INNOPROM-2015 Trade Fair and its associated Business Program.
The TOP Russian Exhibitors

  • State Corporation - Rostec, Rosnano, Rosatom; TMK, “Rosseti" corporation, Shvabe, Russian Helicopters, Sberbank, Eurasia, EXIAR, KAMAZ, NPK Uralvagonzavod, Sinara Group, UMMC-Holding, United Heavy Machinery, Airports of Regions Holding , SC KORTROS, NPO Automation named after academician N.A. Semikhatov and others.

The TOP International Exhibitors

  • COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd., China Railway, Siempelkamp, Turkish Machinery Promotion Group (TMPG), Siemens, Fanuc Сorporation, KUKA Systems Group, Rittal, DuРont, Delta Electronics Inc, Sсhneider Electric, Yamazaki Mazak, OmronElectronics, Cisco Systems, Kärcher and others.


The Partner Country of INNOPROM-2015 was the People's Republic of China. It was the first time that such a status had been conferred at INNOPROM. The Chinese National Exhibition at the Trade Fair covered an area of 7500 square metres (comprising nearly 150 companies over 33 interconnected stands). The make-up of the Chinese delegation – which included state representatives, Chinese business leaders, and company executives – ran to over two thousand members. Of particular note was the participation in the INNOPROM-2015 event of such organisations as China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp, the Chinese State Nuclear Corporation, and the China FAW Group; along with Yingkou Port Group, China Railway, Inspur Group, CRRC Corporation Limited, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China XD Group Corp., Northern Heavy Industries Group and other titans of industry in the Heavenly Kingdom.

The main discussion held with the collaboration of the Partner Country was the business forum 'Russian-Chinese Business Partnership to Meet World Progress' – dedicated to the development of both countries in the sectors of manufacturing, trade and economics. The Russian-Chinese forum kicked off the entire proceedings of the INNOPROM-2015 Business Program.

The achievement of specific projects between Russia and China was also the topic of another expert panel discussion entitled 'High-Speed Rail In Russia – Manufacturing and Economic Collaboration along the High-Speed EurAsian Moscow-Beijing Rail Corridor”, as well as in the panel discussion “Technological Alliances – how Russian-Chinese innovation company collaboration can be organised to win the battle against global competition” along with other similar discussions.

The Republic of India will become the INNOPROM-2016 Partner Country.
Representatives of the Indian Embassy and the Indian operator IIPC became the honored guests of the INNOPROM-2015 and they discussed the prospects of participation next year.

Representatives of more than 70 countries took part in INNOPROM-2015. The international delegations included business leaders and owners of manufacturing corporations, alongside representatives of government – notably from Argentina, India, Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, the United States, Japan, countries of the European Economic Union, Turkey, Africa, and South Korea. The greatest number of foreign delegates was recorded amongst those of the Delegation of the People's Republic of China. The second most numerous delegation was that of the Czech Republic, headed in person by the Trade & Industry Minister of the Czech Republic Mr Jan Mlàdek. At the Russian-Czech business forum, the Contacts Exchange and Exhibition attracted over 90 different companies. The delegation of Argentine, headed by Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi, and the delegation of Cuba, headed by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Salvador Pardo Cruz, visited International Exhibition. The delegation of African countries number more than 20 participants, among whom many diplomats and governmental figures were noted.
The Grand Ceremonial Opening of INNOPROM-2015 was attended by 1,800 guests, whose number included the heads of Russian and international manufacturing concerns, the leaders of diplomatic missions, and governmental representatives of numerous countries and regions. INNOPROM-2015 was formally opened by Mr Evgeny Kuybashev, the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region; Mr Denis Manturov, Minister of Trade & Industry of the Russian Federation; the Vice-Premier of the State Council of the PRC, Mr Wang Yang; and Mr Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation.

The ceremony of the National Industrial Award INDUSTRIA took place on the first day of INNOPROM-2015, which is usually called the “Russian Industrial Oscar Ceremony”. The award was established in 2014. Such Award is judged to the Companies which have made the greatest strides in implementing technological or manufacturing breakthroughs, and which is distinguished by its innovation, economic results, industry-wide reputation and international trade-friendly record are rewarded. The award conditions stipulate that nominees must be companies already operating in manufacturing, with their output on the market. The short-list for the INDUSTRIA award for 2015 numbered five finalists – Baikal Electronics, BIST Group, Optoguard Nanotech, Tavrida Electrics and T8. The jury's choice as overall winner of the Award was the Tavrida Electrics Corporation. As the last year, Russian Prime-Minister Mr Dmitry Medvedev presented this Award to the winner.

The subject of the main plenary session was "Industrial Efficiency: achieving objectives, and the experience of different countries" was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Trade & Industry of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, the Industry Minister of the Republic of Argentina Debora Giorgi, alongside top managers from international industrial companies. The session members analysed examples of successful global manufacturing, and discussed what actions are crucial for improving operational efficiency; what is common between these approaches in various countries and regions of the world; and what can preserve sustainable growth in global markets.

A number of events were held by the Ministry of Industry & Trade of the Russian Federation during INNPROM-2015, such as: the meeting between Russia's Trade & Industry Minister, Mr Denis Manturov with international business leaders and the heads of foreign chambers of commerce. Thirty-six business leaders discussed questions of the import substitution versus localisation of production to Russia by foreign companies. Related issues included the criteria for domestically-manufactured goods, the set-up of the system of state procurement, the fine detail of setting up special investment contracts – discussed by an expert panel of the heads of industrial holding corporations at the subsequent events within the Business Program, alongside a scheduled meeting of the Strategic Council for Investment in New Industry.

INNOPROM-2015 hosted three Council meetings of the Russian Ministry for Trade & Industry. Two of these took place under the chairmanship of the Ministry's head, Mr Denis Manturov. These were the Strategic Council for Investment in New Industry; and the Coordination Committee for Industry, including participation by regional industry ministers and the heads of Russian governmental Regions.
The subjects discussed at the Meeting of the Strategic Council for Investment in New Industries included the putting the Federal Law “On Industrial Policy” into practice; the issues of making Import Substitution a reality by means of relocating the means of production to Russia; taking action to promote the National Technological Initiatives; deploying scientific research methods for forecasting the development trends of manufacturing business in Russia; and finally the Road Map for the development of the Internet of Things industry in Russia.
The meeting of the Council for Engineering and Industrial Design – dedicated to the prospects for the transport interiors industrial segment – was chaired by the Deputy Minister for Trade & Industry of the Russian Federation, Mr Gleb Nikitin.

The Minister for Trade & Industry of the RF and his counterpart from Argentina signed two Road Maps – for implementing a memorandum of cooperation between the two ministries to implement prospective projects for Russian-Argentinian collaboration. Specifically, agreements were reached on taking measures to inaugurate a project for the delivery of industrial output by the KAMAZ corporation to Argentina, alongside products of the Russian corporation Silovie Mashiny ('Power Machines') for the Chihuido Hydroelectric Power Station. Agreements were reached on delivering Russian-made Trolza trolley-buses to Argentina. Furthermore, Argentina will become the site for joint production of car gas-filling compressor stations (CNG stations) which will be put on sale in both Russia and Latin American countries.

More than fifty official contracts and documents were signed at INNOPROM-2015 between the heads of Russian and foreign manufacturing corporations. These included Memoranda of Cooperation, Partnership Agreements, Declarations of Intent and Collaboration, alongside Agreements and Contracts. Eleven agreements of strategic importance, for both entire Region and for individual companies located within the Region were signed under the aegis of the INNOPROM-2015 Industrial Trade Fair by the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Mr E Kuyvashev and the Government Chairman Mr D Paslerov. The declared value of the contracts signed at INNPROM-2015 exceeds ten billion roubles.

The INNOPROM-2015 Exhibitions – particular achievements.
The exhibiting companies at INNOPROM offered displays of their latest technological solutions in such varied industrial sectors as automation; heavy engineering; energy technology; technology for treating surfaces; components for manufacturing companies; and technology for cities. Among the items already in production, particular attention was given by visitors to:
* a low-orbit broadband mobile satellite communication system from the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation
* an opto-electrical device for creating electro-digital maps of the earth's surface, from Shvabe.
* a robot with 3D vision, from Fanuc Robotics
* the product launch of the new L-410 aircraft, which was held on the UMMC-Holdings stand
* a working model of a unique high-end diesel engine, the 16DM-185T high-power model, from TMK Metallic Piping Corporation
* a new space-suit to be used on flights to the ISS International Space Station, developed by Rostec State Corporation – among their other exhibits.

The INNOPROM-2015 Business Program – the main achievements
More than 150 events were held within the forum-based activities of INNOPROM-2015 over the four days of the Trade Fair.  These included panel discussions, round table meetings, sessions led by experts, meetings within the international and Russian B2B format discussions, forums, conferences, presentations and masterclasses. More than 500 different Russian and international speakers took part in the events of this program. The events in the program were simultaneously translated in three international languages.
The average visitor figures for the event hit 75% of the maximum permitted occupancy capacity for the halls.
All of the events in the Business Program were set up according to requests from the Expert Committee, based upon topics of interest to representatives of different industry sectors.

Partners of the Business Program. Thirty-nine major Russian and international organisations and corporations were organisers of sessions in the Business Program. These included - the RSPP, the Russian Chamber of Commerce, Russian Technology Agency (RTA), FRII, Russian Venture Company, European Business Association, the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, the Skolkovo Foundation, "EXIAR" Development Fund for industry, VEB, "Business Russia" Fraunhofer Institute, Analytical Centre of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Association of Industrial Parks, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Siemens, Rostec State Corp, ABB Sinara Group, Cisco Systems, Schvabe, the German Energy Agency dena, SEZ Titanovaya Dolina.

Key Participants & Speakers of the INNOPROM-2015 Business Program
Authorities & Authorized Parties

  • Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister; Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation; Denis Manturov, Minister of Trade & Industry of the Russian Federation; Yevgeny Kuyvashev, Governor of the Sverdlovsk region; Wang Yang, Vice Premier of the State Council of China; Zhong Shan, Ministerial-Rank Spokesman on International Negotiations on Trade of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China; Deborah Giorgi, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Argentina; Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic; Vladimir Patupchyk, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus, and Salvador Pardo Cruz, Trade & Industry Minister of Cuba.

Leaders of Civic Organisations and Representatives of Business

  • Igor Agamirzyan, CEO of Russian Venture Company, Ulrich Benterbusch, Director of the German Energy Agency dena, Kirill Varlamov, Director of the Development of Internet Initiatives (FRII), Pekka Viljakainen, Advisor to the President of the Skolkovo Fund, Chen Wei, VP of Lifan Group, Juan Gang, Deputy GM of Inspur Corporation, Valentin Gapanovich, VP of Russian Railways & Chief Engineer ;Alexander Galitsky, founder of Almaz Capital, Ferdy Murat Gül, a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Machinery Group, Marco Delainey, CEO of FANUC Russia, Alex Zaguskin Managing Partner AZ LLC, Andrey Kozitsin, General Director of UMMC, Alexey Komissarov, CEO of the Russian Fund for Technological Development (FGAU "RTDF" Foundation for Development of Industry), Sergey Kravchenko, President of Boeing in Russia and the CIS, Jiri Lang, CEO of DuPont Russia Science & Technology, Sergei Maxin, CEO of "Shvabe", Alexander Misharin, First VP of Russian Railways, Dietrich Moeller, President of Siemens in Russia and the CIS, Jeff Molobela, chairman of the South African Bureau of Standards, Kakutani Motoyasu, CEO YAMAZAKI MAZAK, Boris Muratov, VP of Industrial Automation Schneider Electric in Russia and the CIS, Robert Nichols, CEO of 3M Russia, Junji Nomura, President of the International Electrotechnical Commission, Pak Chong Oh, Board member of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Dmitry Pumpyansky, Chairman of the Board Directors Sinara Group and TMK, Victor Rashnikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors "of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine," Veli-Matti Reynikkala, head of ABB Europe, Alexey Repik, co ROOO "Business Russia", Alexis Rodzianko, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, Koji Samukava, senior vice president of FANUC Europe, Orhan Sabundzhu, head of the Turkish Exporters Union automotive industry, Oleg Sienko, General Director of "NPK" Uralvagonzavod ", Matthew Smith, Global Head of Strategy and Business dDevelopment of Industrial solutions and WWW at Internet Cisco Systems, Konstantin Sokolov, CEO of FESCO («FESCO"), Jean-Louis Stasi, president of Schneider Electric Russia & CIS,Vladimir Strashko, VP of Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Zhang Xiaogang, president of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Bernhard Thies, CEO and chairman of the German Commission for Electrical, Electronics and Information Technology DIN, Alex Tyupanov, CEO "EXIAR" Sven Flasschoff, Head of the Russian representation of the German Union of Machine Builders VDMA, Alexander Shokhin, President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), Frank Schauff, CEO of the Association of European Businesses, Sebastian Schlünd, Director of Manufacturing Competencies Fraunhofer Institute, Sun Yuntsai, VP of CRRC Corporation Limited.

The international theme of the official events of INNOPROM-2015 also included a series of bilateral business forums, including the Russian-Arabic Forum and the Russian-Czech Forum, in which participants including Trade & Industry Ministers from all sides involved.

The Business Program of the INNOPROM event traditionally includes three special projects which are held every year:

  1. The Vth International Global Industrial Design Forum (GID). This is an effective event organised by the Ministry of Trade & Industry of the RF for the development of engineering and industrial design as part of the State program “Development of Engineering & Boosting Its Competitiveness”.

Special Events from the Global Industrial Design Forum in 2015:
- Meeting of the Committee for Engineering and Industrial Design of the Ministry of Trade & Industry of the RF
- Open Panel Discussion on transport design with the participation of transport design experts working internationally:
Nicola Guelfo, Head of the Industrial Design section, Giugiaro Design
Patricia Bastard, Managing Partner, Yellow Window
Steve Mattin, Chief Designer, AvtoVAZ
Anthony Grade, Director of Design Programs, Renault Design

  • A discussion in partnership with Rostec State Corporation about the design barrier on the road to competitiveness for Russian industrial production on world markets
  • 'Technical Aesthetics' Exhibition from the Moscow Museum of Design
  • The announcements of the results of the IVth Russia-Wide FORMA Industrial Design Contest
  • The announcements of the results of the cross-discipline innovative design contest for modern uses of woodworking technologies: Challenge: Wood Design Innovation.
  • A program of thematic lectures and masterclasses was held for students and exhibition visitors

2. The III International Forum & Exhibition “Metropolitan Technologies” - a platform for the integration of service companies and the state sector, influencing the development of city infrastructures. The Exhibition and Business Program of the event are directed not at the social, but the technological aspects – the construction of homes and roads, infrastructure, improvement, use of resources, transport, and so forth.
Main Forum Events:
- Central Plenary Session - “How To Make Cities Smarter – the Russian and international viewpoint”
- Russian-German Round Table Session: “From innovation to standards – how can we take pilot projects to develop the market?”
- Round Table Session: The Role of the Internet of Things in the development of smart cities”
- Round Table Session: “Urban modernisation on an energy-efficient basis – the search for repeatable solutions”
- Expert Panel: “Industrial Projects – Build new ones, or rebuild old ones?”
- Round Table Session: “The role of new technologies in manufacturing and the development of cities and regions”
- Round Table Session: “City Spaces – places for cities to grow”

3. The PROFI Career Orientation Project. The pilot project for the PROFI National Professions Festival was held at INNOPROM-2015. One of the key aims of the project is improving training schemes for workforce staff across the entire range of industry sectors. PROFI appeared at INNOPROM-2015 as a relevant and socially-significant project, aimed at presenting the training options available to upcoming members of the industrial workforce, and also at highlighting the global issues which surround the training of workforce staff. The project was undertaken with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Trade & Industry of the Russian Federation. The official partner of the project was the trans-national telecommunications corporation Cisco Systems.

Special Project Events:
- Plenary discussion: “Career Orientation and Industrial Efficiency – contemporary viewpoints”
- Round Table: “Adapation of the careers training system to meet the real needs of the economic sector”
- Results-Based Meeting of the International Youth Scientific Industrial Forum “Breakthrough”
- Round Table - “Professional standards - the basis for training an engineering workforce”
- Discussion Panel – The Relay Race of the Generations
- Meeting of the Club of Young Entrepreneurs of Russia and China
- Presentation of the Youth Space Exploration Forum Events
- Young Engineers Forum – The Urals Techno-Doctrine – Work In Russia!”
- Round Table: “Effective recruiting and the development of professional workforces to achieve international investments projects”
- Panel Discussion: The WorldSkills Movement as a tool for improving systems of professional training
- Masterclasses in professional skills, from major world industrial corporations

The INNOPROM-2015 Press Centre – special achievements
News about the Trade Fair and Business Program of INNOPROM-2015 was carried by nearly 1200 media organisations. These included journalists from international, federal and regional organisations. They included: NTV, "Russia 24", "Channel Five", "China Central Television, "Xinhua", RBC, RT, «Russian News Service», Gazeta.ru, «Izvestia», BRICS, «Reuters», The Moscow Times "Rossiyskaya Gazeta», Russia Beyond the Headlines, «Mergermarket" (Financial Times Group).

The General Information Partner and Press-Centre Operator for INNOPROM-2015 was the Interfax Agency.
More than twenty briefings were held with business leaders, regional and foreign leaders and diplomatic missions involving the work of the INNOPROM-2015 Press Centre  Thirty-three different press organisations were accredited to work within the event press centre.

The Grand Opening Ceremony of INNOPROM-2016 will take place on 10th July 2016.
The INNOPROM event in 2016 will take place over 11th to 14th of July, with the special annual theme being “The Industrial Net”. 

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