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KAMAZ to Develop an Urban Electric Car

06 February 2013

“The twentieth year project” is going to be the name of the new revolutionary project by KAMAZ involving development of an energy-efficient automobile.

The new Kamaz product is called to embody all the latest designs of the auto-making industry and at the same time to maintain the reasonable price that will be affordable to consumers, informs the company’s press service. But the task is impaired by the cost of the battery systems. Nevertheless, the cost-efficiency issues will be resolved in the near future.


Gas-powered engines are going to be implemented in cars and buses, since this is a pressing issue for urban transportation due to the relevant affordability of gaseous fuel. The algorithms for remote operation of trucks in hazardous conditions are currently under study.

This year, KAMAZ is going to invest over 5 bn rubles into its own production.



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