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Chinese Aluminum Manufacturer Shandong Xinfa Became Partner of UC Rusal

10 December 2012

UC Rusal and Chinese Aluminum Company Shandong Xinfa Group Co. have agreed to assess possible ways of cooperation, including establishment of joint manufacturing facilities in the aluminum sector, informs the Russian holding.

Shandong Xinfa is China’s largest private manufacturer of aluminum. In 2011, according to Bloomberg, it produced more than 1M tons and joined the list of top ten metal manufacturers. UC Rusal informs that UC Rusal and Shandong Xinfa agreed to determine and review the list of potential joint projects by June 30, 2013. Estimated plans involve joint business projects in aluminum manufacturing, implementation of bauxite and aluminous projects in Russia and other countries. In October, UC Rusal doesn’t rule out the possibility of construction of an aluminum plant in Siberia with the capacity of 800,000 tons together with the Chinese partner.



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