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"R&D Directors Club" at INNOPROM-2011

29 June 2011

The "R&D Directors Club" is one of several innovative projects to be presented as part of INNOPROM 2011.

In recent years, major Russian businesses have begun actively promoting their own research and development, which has resulted in increased demand on the market for top managers responsible for R&D. In this situation, the establishment of the "R&D Directors Club" may not only become a PR event, but also a means for solving the following challenges:

  • the exchange of experience and its synthesis;
  • the establishment of horizontal communication;
  • interaction with the government, politicians, experts;
  • the formation of a professional community and development of a consolidated position on issues presenting general interest;
  • the establishment of foundations for future professional standards.

INNOPROM 2011 will host a roundtable at which the "R&D Directors Club" will officially be established. This project has every chance to become a qualitative catalyst for innovation, stimulating the development of management personnel in R&D.

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