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Innovation Contest at INNOPROM-2011

29 June 2011

One of the main objectives of INNOPROM 2011 is to ensure interaction between Russian industrial companies and Russian designers of innovative solutions. The Innovation Contest was set up to attain this goal and will give designers the chance to present their projects and services, which aim to solve current industrial challenges.

The contest will be held in two stages: during the first stage industrial companies will articulate their existing needs, after which, as part of the second phase of the project, the designers will present their innovative solutions. The best projects selected by the experts will be proposed to industrial companies for implementation.

The first stage got underway in March 2011. Industrial companies, including Rostelecom, Megafon, Renova and others, formulated their long-term needs for innovative developments, for which they wanted to attract third-party designers. At present, the contest’s Organising Committee has processed the data it received, resulting in the generation of several aggregated queries for the innovation from various industrial segments on the basis of individual requests from individual companies.

A discussion will be held at INNOPROM 2011 in July on the proposed requests in the format of a series of roundtables at which the “clients” from industrial companies will be able to meet with the potential “performers” who are prepared to offer the innovative solutions. After this, applications are to start being accepted from designers who are willing to offer their solutions to the problems posed by the companies. Applications on innovative projects will be accepted from July to January. In order to explain to the designers the essence of the requests submitted, a discussion will be held with representatives of industrial companies (including in the format of online conferences), following which the contest winners will be selected. The outcome of the Innovation Contest will be the signing of an agreement that makes it possible to convert the theoretical aspect of innovative activities into practice.

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