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The Central Urals Development Corporation has signed a Collaboration Memorandum with leading Swiss company Dega.

11 July 2014

The Central Urals Development Corporation will in future benefit from the substantial experience of Swiss company Dega as part of its efforts to attract industry to move to the area. On the second day of the INNOPROM international industry exhibition, a Collaboration Memorandum was signed by the Director of the Corporation, Mr Igor Vizgin, and Dega's Director, Herr Gabriel Gantner.

The Dega corporation has been working in the Russian market since 2003, where it has created turnkey industrial parks in the Moscow Region, and also in other Regions of Central Russia. Noginsk Industrial Park – considered to be Russia's largest modern industrial cluster – is another Swiss-owned and Swiss-managed venture. The corporation has also built more than 40 large-scale industrial set-ups in the Moscow Region.

The approach taken by Dega to industrial parks embraces the advantages of acquiring title deed to the land, top-quality new-build, and the full raft of infrastructure services. The company invites foreign companies to set up in Russia on the basis of contractual agreement, at any of its western-managed industrial parks in Russia which benefit from many years of experience and established records. In the past few years more than 30 western companies have successfully established themselves in Russia in this way.

In collaboration with the Central Urals Development Corporation, Dega plans to act as a management company in the Sverdlovsk Region, attracting companies to set up at industrial parks in projects that will involve the Corporation.
“We've been working towards setting this collaboration up for two years” said Mr Gantner. “We considered it carefully, weighed everything up, and now we've finally reached agreement. I believe it's the logical extension of our operations, having already built industrial parks in Noginsk and in Ulyanovsk Region”.
“For Sverdlovsk Region this Agreement is valuable for at least two major reasons” said Mr Igor Vizgin. “Firstly, we've signed an agreement with a major company of repute, which works directly with foreign companies wanting to set-up in Russia. Secondly, Dega will assist in bringing private capital investment into our Region.”

Background – the Central Urals Development Corporation is already involved in the operation of two industrial parks – the Novo-Uralsk Industrial Park, and the Bogoslovsky Industrial Park. At Novo-Uralsk park is already at the stage of laying out the groundplan, while at Bogoslovsky the connection of infrastructure network services is going on at present, and building work will begin in the immediate future. There are further plans for industrial parks in the pipeline.


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