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“Space” tram of the 21st century - world premiere at INNOPROM

13 May 2014

Within the framework of the international industrial trade fair INNOPROM 2014, which will take place in Ekaterinburg from July 9 to 12, the presentation of a new ultra-modern tram by the Ekaterinburg company "Uraltransmash", which is part of the "UralVagonZavod" Corporation, will take place. Details of the concept and design of the R1 are kept in secret, the "UVZ" company is not distributing photographs of the new product prior to its world premiere at the exhibition.

The unique city tram of the newest generation is known as the R1 - Russia One - and this is no surprise really: 99% of it has been invented and made in Russia, in its design participated designers of the "Marussia" sports car.

The "UVZ" product promises to be very versatile: the interior configuration adapts to the needs of a specific city and itinerary, providing the necessary capacity and level of comfort. The carriage body is made from composite materials and the modular design of the carriage allows for a unique compartment for every city. The capacity of the R1 ranges from 190 to 270 in various configurations, and the number of seats from 28 to 50. The interior and the compartment itself will house an air conditioning system and the tram will be equipped with the GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, the driver can monitor the external and internal conditions through seven HD-surveillance cameras: four external and three internal. This new innovation from "UVZ" will also be equipped with Wi-Fi, a modern audio system and an antibacterial handrail.

The technical characteristics of the R1 include a shuttle type carriage, which does not need to be turned at the end of the journey: the driver just has to move from the front to the rear compartment. The carriage length is 24 meters, width - 2.5 meters. The carriage is mounted on a two wheeled bogie, each side has four reclining sliding doors with complex geometry and kinematics, they create a unique appearance of the carriage. Owing to the peculiarities of the bogie, the tram is even able to travel in instances of noticeable defects of the rail equipment, therefore the modernization of the city tramways is not necessary. The "UVZ" product will be the first Russian innovative tram released into production.

The creators underline that the style and ergonomics of the R1 surpasses its modern Western counterparts, and, moreover, possesses one more indisputable advantage - its production is cheaper than the European competitors. The tram gained its unofficial name as the "i-Phone on rails", even before the premiere, due to its "space-like" appearance and numerous technical innovations. This new innovation from "UVZ" promises to be the "signature" tram of the World Cup in 2018!


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