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14 July 2017

International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM-2017 featured several Business Program events with the participation of heads of international associations, industrial companies, robotics manufacturers, and leading experts. INNOPROM welcomed delegations of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Korea Association of Robot Industry (KAR), and China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF). The Russian Association of Robotics served as a key Business Program partner.

At IFR RAR CEO Round Table. Global Application of Industrial Robots in Smart Manufacturing, foreign speakers shared global experiences and recommendations on the development of robotics in Russia. Discussion participants included major players of the world industrial robotics market: Joe Gemma, IFR President and CEO of KUKA USA; Bruno Schneckenburger, Vice-President of IFR Robot Suppliers Group and Managing Director of Yaskawa Europe; Martin Sandgren,  Global Account Manager of ABB Robotics; representatives of Chinese and Korean robotics associations; and Mikhail Ivanov, Director of the Machine-Tool Building and Investment Machine Building Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The round table was instrumental in the topical dialog between industry representatives and the authorities on the creation of industrial robotics development strategy in Russia.

Panel discussion Flexible Automated Production Workcells for Boosting Russian Industrial Efficiency gathered top managers of industrial robotics manufacturers (ABB, FANUC, KUKA) and leading Russian integrators of industrial robots (Alpha-Intech, Belfingroup, Weber Comechanics). Chief Technologist of KAMAZ PTC Ravil Khisamutdinov talked about robotization in mechanical engineering. Vasily Efremov presented a project on industrial robot localization at the Novosibirsk Plant named after the Komintern. Vladimir Raspopov, Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Fund, discussed the State Information System for Industry catalog.

At the round table Industrial Service Robots: Global and Russian Cases, Vitaly Savelyev, CEO of Ryazan-based LLC Avrora Robotics, shared his perspective on when the Russian agricultural segment could expect to implement unmanned tractors. Sergey Maltsev, CEO of RoboCV, presented solutions on robot application in warehouse logistics. Dmitry Blinov, Chief Technology Officer of LogistiX, spoke of major obstacles that hampered the application of robots in logistics, including the lack of universal appeal, imperfection of machine vision systems, and cheap workforce. Igor Orlov, CEO of Useful Robots, talked about the application of exoskeleton as a way of reducing employee workload. Some other issues discussed at the panel included barriers that barred access to the service robotics market in Russia and the role of the Skolkovo Foundation in startup support. 

Robotics Business Program concluded with the Annual Meeting of the Russian Association of Robotics. The Association welcomed new members, including global industrial robot manufacturers (ABB and KAWASAKI) and integrators with extensive experience in the installation of industrial robots (First Conveyor Plant and ThyssenKrupp). Meeting participants reviewed current support measures for the robotics segment and discussed its pros and cons. In the next six months, Association members will talk about the necessary changes and suggest a series of measures on the development of the Russian industrial robotics market.

In 2017, INNOPROM demonstrated a larger robotics exposition. Exhibition participants included top global robotics manufacturers and control system integrators. KAWASAKI presented an assembly robot, and FANUC showcased its industrial painting robot. 

At INNOPROM, ABAGY Robotic Systems featured a new project seeking to change the approach to the implementation of industrial robots in production. ABAGY designed software that allows for automatic routing of robot movement in a number of industrial operations, such as welding and assembly. The software reduces robot programming time from a month to several minutes. Moreover, it allows for the use of robots developed by different manufacturers within a single automated production workcell. ABAGY also offers a new Manufacturing as a Service business model for the industry. Enterprises no longer have to purchase costly automated production workcells. Instead, they can install a workcell, and then payments will be assessed per production unit manufactured by the robots. ABAGY software and business model make robotics affordable for enterprises specializing in small-volume production. The project was praised highly by top management of foreign robotics manufacturers. At INNOPROM, ABAGY signed cooperation agreements with ABB, Comau Russia, FANUC Russia, KUKA Robotics Rus, and Yaskawa Nordic AB.

Apart from industrial robotics, the exposition featured Russian unmanned technologies. Russian RoboCV company presented its robot loader for warehouse logistics automation. Ryazan-based Avrora Robotics demonstrated a versatile unmanned transport platform. Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute "NAMI" showed an unmanned bus prototype, a joint project with PTC KAMAZ.

Advertising robots presented by Promobot and Alfa Robotics left their stands to interact with people. While two years ago at INNOPROM-2015 Promobot advertising robot prototype was just stationed at the company display, this time he vigorously shook hands with Sberbank visitors.

INNOPROM-2017 became a major event for global and Russian robotics. 2018 exhibition partner is South Korea, which boasts the highest robotization density in the world and has implemented a comprehensive strategy for robotics development. Next year, the Main Industrial Trade Fair in Russia will feature even more robots!

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