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Robotics Development in Russia Discussed at INNOPROM-2019

10 July 2019
Robotics Development in Russia Discussed at INNOPROM-2019

On July 10, 2019, Tenth International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM hosted a session Robotics Development in Russia. Its participants included representatives of robotics companies, research centers, development institutions, and government agencies. Event speakers discussed prospects and strategies for the development of robotics in Russia.

Executive Director of the Russian Association of Robotics Alisa Konyukhovskaya moderated the session. She introduced the topic of discussion, "We find ourselves in a situation when the government is simultaneously implementing different initiatives, so it is critical that we synchronize the operations of various agencies in order to promote relevant ideas that are useful for the robotics industry and can have a positive effect on the national economy."

Director of Innovation and Advanced Studies Department of the Ministry of Education and Science Vadim Medvedev said, "We currently support the idea of forming full lifecycle chains from product inception to its market launch. We will be partners in this process."

Alexander Klimchik, Head of Center for Technologies in Robotics and Mechatronics Components at Innopolis University, talked about roadmaps, "We have a basic roadmap on comprehensive technologies in robotics and sensor development. The roadmap incorporates three core elements: sensors and digital robotic workcell components for man-machine interaction, sensory-motor coordination and spatial positioning technologies, and processing of sensor data and sensory information. Moreover, the roadmap on new production technologies comprises everything that pertains to actual production. Anything that is related to artificial intelligence can be found in the roadmap on artificial intelligence, i.e. such segments as artificial intelligence for the management of robotic systems, computer vision that is indispensable to robotics, and intelligent control of autonomous vehicles which implies multi-agent systems, etc."

Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the Skolkovo Foundation Pavel Krivozubov commented on grant financing in robotics. "Companies which create complex and expensive products require financial support in order to create minimum viable products (MVPs) that can be shown to clients and implemented in production. We have various support measures in this field,  the speaker pointed out.

Director-Chief Designer of the Central Research Institute of the RTK Alexander Lopota; Head of Research Center for the Problems of Regulation of Robotics and AI Andrey Neznamov; First Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Fund Andrey Manoilo; CEO of Zyfra Igor Bogachev; Head of Robotics Laboratory at Sberbank Albert Efimov; and Head of the Division for Coordination of the Development of Comprehensive Digital Technologies of the Department of Coordination and Implementation of Projects in the Digital Economy of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Denis Sukhinin also shared their opinions and made relevant comments.

Event information:
INNOPROM is an annual International Industrial Trade Fair that has been held in Ekaterinburg since 2010. Over the ten years of its existence, INNOPROM has become Russia's major event dedicated to showcasing the latest industrial technologies and solutions and has proven its efficiency as a trade site and instrument for promoting the exports of Russian industrial products. INNOPROM is the fastest growing exhibition in Eurasia.  Since 2015, the trade fair has featured a Partner Country. People’s Republic of China, India, Japan, and South Korea enjoyed this status in 2015-18. The Republic of Turkey is INNOPROM-2019 Partner Country.

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