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Russian Developments in Artificial Intelligence for Robots to be Presented at INNOPROM

16 June 2014

The exposition stand of Russian Robotics Initiative at INNOPROM will introduce a software concept supporting management of a group of robotic systems. As commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Control Systems experts and developers from the Center of Education and Research “Robotics” in BMSTU initiated the Unicum project aimed at developing a software system for managing group robotic systems.



Presently, robots are widely used both in civil and military operations. However, as explained by the chief department specialist of Control Systems, Sergey Zhuravlev, at least one person is currently required to operate each robot. The technology under development will enable a shift towards a more rational concept of “one operator for a group of robots”.

With the new software, one operator will be able to effectively manage a small group consisting of robotic systems serving for various purposes. The group will be operated as a whole, while the robots will independently distribute resources within the group. Robots will even be able to completely exclude the operator from the control process upon approval, allowing the group to solve various problems without requesting permission from the operator. According to Control Systems’ experts, this approach will increase the efficiency of robotic systems and reduce the time of decision-making in combat conditions.

The new technology may be applied to various robots, both existing and those to appear in the future. The software complex will support multitasking, the ability to download a variety of scenarios and efficient allocation of resources. The software will have a multiuser mode and various access rights.
A similar development has already been made by Control Systems. In cooperation with the Center of Education and Research “Robotics” in BMSTU, their experts created the software for two Plastun robotic systems. These machines have the ability to identify objects and determine priority objectives. They can independently select best firing positions, request operator’s permission to fire and even automatically destroy targets without operator intervention.

This development was demonstrated to the Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, last fall at Russia Arms Expo-2013 and in January, this year, to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, at the meeting regarding the Foundation for Advanced Studies in Tula.

Control Systems won the tender for the creation of the Unicum complex in spring 2014. The project will be completed in 2015.

Control Systems is an integrated company forming part of the United Instrument-Making Corporation, designed to ensure automation and computerization of certain processes in public administration, particularly in the military area.



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