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The INNOPROM Trade Fair hosted an international conference titled “Automation & Robotics in the vehicle manufacturing industry”

10 July 2014

On the 10th of July the INNOPROM International Industry Exhibition successfully hosted an international conference entitled “Automation & Robotics in the vehicle manufacturing industry” - in collaboration with the Russian Technology Agency (RTA).

The conference discussed the kind of competitive technological advantages the vehicle manufacturing industry can gain against the background of a slowdown in industrial growth. What cost-cutting can be achieved in production, and in which ways these cuts can be made by automation and localization formed the basis of the discussion which was held on 10th July at Innoprom. In addition to this, manufacturers of automated production solutions had the chance to share the latest innovations in their industry with conference delegates. This led on to a discussion of specific ways in which robotics could be integrated into the production methodologies of Russia's domestic producers.

The presentations that were given, and the discussion of issues that arose from these lasted more than six hours. The participants in the presentations and discussions included keynote speakers from the automotive industry, such as Bo Inge Andersson, President of OAO "AvtoVAZ" Bo Liljeberg, CEO Yaskawa Russia, Mikhail Makim, Vice President, ABB Russia, Yurgen Liss, director of "Industrial Automation» at Siemens Russia, and many others including Bruno Anselen, CEO of Renault Russia, Andrey Pankov, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Russia.

Ravil Khisamutdinov, Director of the Technology Center at JSC "KAMAZ" said that concerning the company's plans to roll-out automated production - "Our goal is to hit the same level robotics implementation as industry leaders. We're currently aiming to achieve a ratio of 900 robots for a workforce of 10,000.
Mr Ivan Yermolaev, Director KUKA Robotics Rus PLC, shared his own personal vision of the possibilities of robotics in the workplace. “The future of robotics and their place in production lies in passing over the assembly tasks to robotics. That means a workspace that takes up very room, and being able to work without complex safety systems. This all means that robots have to be certified and able to work alongside people, shoulder to shoulder.”


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