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INNOPROM Hosted the Opening Ceremony of the PROFI National Professions Festival

09 July 2014

On the 9th of July, the INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair played host to the Opening Ceremony of the PROFI National Professions Festival.

The PROFI stand at the INNOPROM trade fair included participation by the world's leader in network technology, Cisco Systems; the education centre at Chelyabinsk Piping Manufacturers, and the information centre from atomic energy producers Rosatom.


Matthew Smithis Global Head of Business Development Strategy and Industrial Solutions at world internet leader Cisco systems – and gave the opening presentation at the PROFI Festival.

“What I'd like to say, is that the world is changing. It's continuously changing. When I was your age, people finished school at 15 and went straight into a job. They worked at that same job for 50 years. But today, everything is different. There's nobody who retires at 65 any longer. I think you'll probably live until you're 100, and still won't retire when you're 65. During your life you'll have more than one career – in fact it could be that you'll find yourself doing three or four completely different jobs during your career. During that career, you could find yourself working at up to 20 different workplaces. You'll understand that the world really is continuously changing, and the technology we use changes along with it. To stay abreast of these changes, you have to keep educating yourself. Well, and you'll need a little luck too! But you can help make your own luck by continuously beefing-up what you know.”

Cisco Systems brought a mobile networking laboratory to the PROFI stand at the INNOFPROM Exhibition – which they call the Network Academy. The laboratory's set-up is designed to allow participants in the project to gain practical skills in setting up information network systems, and install and adjust operational networking equipment for both local and global networks. The Education Centre at Chelyabinsk Piping Manufacturer introduces young people to the professional skills of metallurgy, robotics, and design engineering. They demonstrated the work of a mechatronic workstation, along with machinery operated by digital controls and robotics. Future staff in the industrial field were able to find out more about methods for measuring radiation at the Rosatom demonstration at the PROFI stand at INNOPROM, where Rosatom displayed a working interactive radiometer.

Over the four days of the PROFI Festival, more than 5000 young professionals will be able to find out more about job openings. By following a particular route which takes them around the stands of exhibitors who conform to their expectation profiles, they can get hands-on information about the nitty-gritty of the jobs they hope to take up, along with live information about possible apprenticeships and job openings at the companies which interest them. These exhibition routes include such major corporations as Centre For Industrial Equipment PLC; The Urals Interregional Distribution Network PLC (MRSK Ural); IRE-Polius PLC; The Sinara Group PLC, Urals Wagons Factory Scientific-Production Corporation, Urals Bank of Reconstruction & Development, and The Russian Technology Agency SLC.

Background to the project:
The PROFI Festival is an annual event aimed at showing the range of professional opportunities available in Russia's Regions for young professionals entering the workforce. PROFI includes international, federal and regional organizations wanting to present their professional credentials to potential young recruits, discuss the skills and qualifications they expect, and also discuss actual recruitment with promising young candidates. The project is operated by the Development and Advancement Of Mankind Foundation (President, Mr E.P. Velikhov). The project is curated and supported by the Social Chamber of the Russian Federation.

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