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“National Champions” of Chinese industry will be attending INNOPROM 2015

14 May 2015

The heads of more than 100 leading industrial corporations from the People's Republic of China (PRC) will be visiting the VIth INNOPROM 2015 Annual International Industrial Trade Fair in Ekaterinburg.  The Trade Fair and its associated Business Program have confirmed the attendance of major Chinese corporations, including First Automobile Works (FAW), Lifan Industry (car manufacturers), ZTE Corporation (telecommunications), Harbin XiRobot Co (robot manufacture for industry), BeiDou (satellite navigation) and many others.

China is the Partner Country of INNOPROM 2015, and will be contributing to the exhibition and Business Program of the INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair for the first time in its history. Following the invitation by the Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2015, the PRC became the Partner Country of INNOPROM 2015.

«Национальные чемпионы» промышленности КНР посетят «ИННОПРОМ-2015»

Руководители более 100 ведущих индустриальных компаний КНР посетят 6-ю Международную промышленную выставку «ИННОПРОМ-2015» в Екатеринбурге

GK Formika, the official operator of INNOPROM, said that the Chinese partners had confirmed their delegation's three-tier participation in the event: in the industrial exhibition, international Business Program, and Cultural Program of INNOPROM 2015.
During July 8-11, 2015, a delegation from the PRC, organised at the highest possible level, plans to participate in over sixty presentations and more than 250 business discussions during the Ekaterinburg’s event. The Fair will attract more than two thousand Chinese business leaders and government officials. The delegation will include governmental representatives, leaders of major corporations dubbed “national champions” of the Chinese economy, and governors of Chinese regions. PRC’s industrial displays will be on a scale never previously seen at the Fair, covering 75,000 square metres in the Ekaterinburg-EXPO exhibition centre. The displays will include 33 of China's most flourishing industrial corporations. These stands will feature the work of leading Chinese manufacturers in the fields of heavy engineering (including both car manufacturing and shipbuilding), space technologies and aircraft manufacturing, energy industry equipment and energy companies, high-speed train manufacturing, alongside with navigation technologies manufacturers, logistics companies, and technology parks representatives. Together with industrial corporations, the Chinese exhibition will feature displays promoting China's national regions, including the provinces of Gansu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong.
INNOPROM’s program of events featuring the partner country of China will be either business-oriented or informal in nature. For example, on July 7, the Chinese official delegation will take part in the Grand Opening Ceremony of INNOPROM 2015 at the Kosmos Cinema Complex in Ekaterinburg, and in the official reception afterwards. On July 8, the Chinese national display will be open in Pavilion No 1, while the INNOPROM Business Program kicks off with a Russian-Chinese Business Summit attended by heads of delegations from both countries. On the same day, representatives from both China and Russia will be participating in the Main Plenary Session of INNOPROM 2015 “Advanced Manufacturing:  Improving efficiency. Best international practice.” The program on July 8 will conclude with a “Chinese Night”, featuring a cultural program prepared and presented by the Partner Country.
On July 9, INNOPROM 2015 will host the Coordination Committee for Industry, under the joint chairmanship of the Ministers of Trade & Industry of Russia and China. Chinese regions will be presented in the events of the INNOPROM Business Program, too. For example, INNOPROM 2015 will be featuring a contact market, organized at the request of manufacturing companies from Heilongjiang Province.
Click here to see the full list of participants from the PRC Delegation attending INNOPROM-2015.

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