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The image of new Russia is based on innovations

15 July 2011

At the closing plenary meeting “Action plan for the development of innovation economy: ways of stimulating supply and demand growth, qualitative improvement of institutions” the participants summed up the results of all discussion groups working during the Ural International Industry and Innovation Exhibition and Forum “Innoprom-2011”, the discussion groups’ moderators summed up the recommendations and main proposals for the elimination of barriers to innovations.

A guest of the meeting was the Deputy Minister for the Economic Development of the Russian Federation Andrei Klepach, who made a presentation on the ways of the economic development. Talking about innovations Andrei Klepach mentioned new trends in relation to the start of the technological platforms’ operation (28 are identified today as priorities), and the fact that 43 large companies with the government equity participation had already approved their innovation strategies. Andrei Klepach also emphasized strategic projects, where the state involvement was required.These included the start of projects related to super-speed trunk railways, more active local airlines operation, and the start of new aircraft production, and the program for the start up of innovative type clusters. “These projects may create the image of new Russia”, - said Andrei Klepach.

Some moderators’ presentations triggered discussions. Thus, for instance, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Alexander Misharin disagreed with the assumption that the public megaprojects could hardly become the drivers of the innovative economy. He was quite confident that given the size of our country it takes megaprojects to generate sufficient supply. By way of example Alexander Misharin quoted the preparation for the Sochi Olympics, which among other things allowed bringing back from oblivion a systemic technology for tunnel construction in the Caucasus Mountains.

Participants of the discussion noted some positive trends:the turn of business towards innovation, the restoration of the positive Soviet traditions, e.g. the industry universities.A wide range of problems was also mentioned – from the qualified staff deficit to the lack of infrastructure.Incidentally, all conclusions made by discussion groups will be summarized and made available to the general public.

Closing the plenary meeting Alexander Misharin thanked all the participants of the discussion and said that these interesting and systematized conclusions will provide answers to a number of questions: how should we develop innovation economy in Russia.

“We may endlessly talk about the lack interest on the part of the state, poor perception of business, lack of sources of financing for innovations.However today, here, at the exhibition we see those who managed to overcome all obstacles.In this connection it is very important to demonstrate the attitude of those people, who have done something already, and will by all means create something in future. They need help, and we will help them.” – summed up Alexander Misharin.


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