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INNOPROM searches for the future cadres of industry

20 May 2013

On the 13th of July educational project INDUSTRY 4U will start within the main Russia’s industrial fair with a purpose to create communication platform for Russia’s largest industrial enterprises, the youth, and the educational system.

During the project, industrial corporations will demonstrate the attractiveness of their enterprises and professions for school and university students, career opportunities for young specialists, and may also discuss the prospects for training new personal with experts from the educational sphere.

Thousands of upper-form pupils and students will follow an educational route and visit booths set up by the industrial companies participating the project. The industrial corporations will demonstrate their attractiveness for young people and career opportunities for young specialists. Sound business program is planed within the project, among the participants are top managers of major industrial enterprises, the Ministry for Education and Science of Russia, leading Russian experts in the field of education and cooperation between education and business, managers of Russian institutions and specialists in the recruiting services market.



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