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Organization of INNOPROM will cost Sverdlovsk region RUB 100 mln

27 March 2013

RUB 100 mln from the Sverdlovsk Regional Budget will be earmarked for organization of the INNOPROM International Industrial Exhibition in 2013 – this according to a statement made by Formika Group President Maxim Zverkov at a press conference convened to announce the upcoming exhibition. 
According to Mr. Zverkov, the total cost of organizing the expo this year will remain at the level set in 2012. As of today, orders have been placed for 50% of total exhibition space, with Russian companies including Rostec, Rusnano, UVZ, "Russkaya Mednaya Kompaniya,” LUKOIL, VEB and Sberbank, and foreign companies including such notables as Philips, Knauf and Schneider Electric.
“According to a preliminary contract, 1,000 m² will be occupied by Indian companies, representing about 40 small- and medium-sized businesses. We have also signed an agreement with a Turkish exhibition company on INNOPROM promotion. In April, we’re flying to China to meet with the Chinese Ministry of Economic Affairs to discuss attracting Chinese companies to participate in the expo. We also have an agreement on INNOPROM visits by delegations from Latin America; in particular, delegations from Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Brazil have confirmed their participation,” said Mr. Zverkov.
“The business program is almost 70% full at this point, including roughly 50 separate events on which we’ve already reached the respective agreement. We have kept all of last year’s popular formats. INNOPROM is opening with the Forecast-Session “Technological Breakthroughs: Where and When?” Talks are already underway with its participants, one of whom will be the prominent Japanese Professor Michio Kaku. We expect the forecast-session to be followed by a plenary session, which we hope will feature the participation of the Head of the Russian Government and the CEOs of leading Russian and foreign companies,” announced Maxim Zverkov.
Though expo organizers intend to preserve “Children’s Day,” they plan to dramatically transform the format and present it as an ambitious educational project named INDUSTRY 4U. “We will actively attract young people from all age groups and technological backgrounds,” said Mr. Zverkov.


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