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10 July 2014

On the 9th July 2014, in Ekaterinburg as part of the INNOPROM industrial trade fair, the First Session Of The Strategic Council For Investment & New Industry, of the Ministry Of Trade & Industry of the Russian Federation was successfully held.

The Members of the Council debated the types of measures which could prompt the development of innovative kinds of industry, by making improvements in the legislature and practices relating to the industrial sector in Russia.
The Council Members are business leaders from international and Russian industrial concerns, representatives of international investment groups, venture funds and growth specialists.

The meetings of the Council will take place annual under the aegis of the INNOPROM international trade fair, with the aim of discussing the priorities of investment policy in the area of new developments in the field of industry, analysis of the possible legislational adjustments which could be made, and the creation of new measures which would more firmly promote a successful investment climate in Russia.

The President of the Council – Mr Denis Manturov, the Trade & Industry Minister of the Russian Federation – gave the following statement. “I see the aim of our joint work ahead as agreeing on a particular and limited list of specific industries, to whom the government is ready to “give the green light” for accelerated development. In return, we expect that businesses to get their sleeves rolled up on investment in production, and on technological competency here in Russia.”
Mr Igor Agamirzyan, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Russian Venture Company said: “The real opportunities lie right there, where the evolution of new technologies lay the basis for potential new global markets. As a development institute and “funds fund”, we are pursuing an active policy of positioning new funds which appear in Russia for investment in the new industrial sector”.

Mr Dietrich Müller, CEO for Siemens Russia & CIS was quoted as saying: “The priorities Siemens sees for investment are primarily mechanical engineering; electrical engineering; the production of health equipment; transport, heavy industry, infrastructure and the energy sector. These are the prime areas for modernization, and for the introduction of new technologies - because the national economy is interlinked with them. The level of their development is directly linked to the development of the economy's competitiveness.”



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